Still in College? Here’s How to Earn Money Without Reporting to a Boss

Being a college student isn’t easy. Aside from the never-ending pressure from complicated lessons, you have your professors making life more difficult. Imagine how bad it could even get if you have a part-time job. Then you have a boss that’s equally demanding as your college professor? It’ll be a real struggle.

All these can cause distress if you want to pursue your career. No wonder mental health problems are prevalent among college students. It’s hard to handle life if most scenarios you’re going through are rough. Juggling studies and work while dealing with strict professors and bosses is stressful.

But if you need to support your finances while you’re in college, you’re left with no choice but to hustle. The good thing is there are other ways to earn money without getting very stressed out. That’s by doing jobs without the persisting image of a boss you have to report to.

As a college student, what are these jobs you can take to avoid toxic bosses? Here are some you can try to support your finances.

Food business

If you have a talent for cooking or baking, don’t put it to waste. You may want to use that talent to generate profit to support your studies. Save for what you have to spend on. You’ll need food packaging and the ingredients for the recipe. Find out the most popular food in your university. Make a version that is more budget-friendly.

Food packages that are already prepared can help students who are always on the run. You know that college people are always rushing. If you’re able to make good food that’s college student-friendly, you can earn something. It’ll surely be a hit for college students like you who are looking for more affordable meal options.


You can generate profit by using your car while you’re in college. Use ridesharing platforms such as Uber and Lyft to get your ridesharing business started. There are going to be people in your university who would pay for a comfortable ride. The first thing you have to do is make your car comfortable for passengers. Clean it or detail it if possible.

Ridesharing can generate a decent income for your studies. But aside from that, it’s can also give you the freedom to choose the schedules you can operate. If you’re busy doing schoolwork, you can pause operations for a moment. Now that’s something you won’t be able to have if you get a part-time job at a coffee shop or retail.

Teaching or tutoring

Your knowledge can be a great source of income even before graduating. Use what you’ve learned to teach others for a price. Teaching and tutoring services can help you gain profit. In return, your clients are going to acquire wisdom from everything they’ve learned from the session.

For this one, you would have to learn all the effective ways of teaching. You can be an expert on a subject matter, but you may not be able to impart what you know effectively. You have to learn how to make complicated subject matters easier to understand.

That’s how you can be an effective teacher. This is a good way not just to earn money but also be a viable practice not to forget what you learn inside the classroom. Say you want to get online master’s programs. Teaching can always make your memory refreshed, which can aid you with your studies. That’ll help you in pursuing higher education. Imagine getting all these advantages while earning money.

Freelance work

If you’re skeptical about freelance work, you may want to know what the statistics are saying. According to a survey cited by Forbes, Gen Zs dominate the freelancing world. This only means that many young people find freelance work very suitable for their lifestyle. Some of them are going to college too.

Maybe this is also something you can venture into. Try jobs like virtual assistants and chat supports. If you like to write, there’s a ton of freelance jobs waiting for you. From marketing to novel hubs, the possibilities are endless. What’s good about freelancing is its nature of work setup. You can do it anywhere as long as you’re meeting the deadlines. Not to mention, freelance jobs are generous with their pays.

Being a college student can sometimes be draining. It’s better if you can at least minimize the bad days. If you need to have jobs to finance your study, choose those that won’t make you suffer more. You must focus on your education. A less stressful position will be a tremendous help if you need to work.

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