Top Components in A Business Plan

A business plan is an asset of any startups and must be drafted with the utmost attention. It is the business plan which attracts the investors to invest in your business.

There are many top business plan components that must be included in your plan. These components will make sure the purpose of the business plan is getting fulfilled. In this post, we are going to talk about the same.

We will see what are some of the top business plan components which must be incorporated. Also, we will talk about how we can incorporate them.

business plan components

7 Top Business Plan Components you must include

Let’s start and discuss about those main components of the business plan-

#1 Executive Summary

An executive summary is one of the most important components of the business plan where you share the high-level details. It’s a kind of summary that can include the details about company background, marketing opportunity, financial highlights, growth opportunity, USPs, and more. Make sure that your executive summary is not more than 2-3 pages.

#2 Company Analysis

This is another section where the investor will be majorly looking in. In the company analysis section, you should put the details about the company, how it is organized, who all are there, products, services, analysis since opening, etc. You can also mention about your achievements like reached these many customers, retaining customers, and more.

#3 Market Research & Analysis

For any business market research and taking action on top of it is very important. You should do too to understand what kind of market you are entering, what is the market size, number of customers, growth opportunity, scaling options, and more. And include all these in your business plan as well so that investors will get to know what opportunity they have while investing in your business.

#4 Customer Analysis

The next can be in our list of business plan components is the analysis to the customer. It will be a good idea to make the analysis at the niche level which will convey what kind of customers we are targeting. You can mention what kind of customers you’re targeting, the next cluster of customers, benefits, and more.

#5 Competitor Analysis

This is another great point to have in a good business plan where you can mention who all are competitors and how your organization is better than the competitor. You can make any kinds of analysis like-

  • The kind of risk with the competitor
  • Competitor products
  • Market share
  • USPs over competitors and more

#6 Management & Personal Details

Providing the details of the management of the startup along with individuals with their expertise will help the investor understand how they are contributing to the goal. It will also give a clear picture to the investors and they can understand the capability your inhouse team has.

#7 Marketing & Sales Plan

Once your product is in the market, the next step is to market it and sale to the targeted customers identified. You should mention this as well in your report to give a positive impression to the investors. It can have the budget you’re targeting to spend on marketing & sales, what all channels of marketing you will follow, sales strategies, advertisement medium, and more. You should ensure that your sales, marketing, and advertisement plans must align with the kind of product you have.


These were the top 7 business plan components one must have in their business plan. If you want to learn more about this, please check this article. A business plan is an important asset while building a unicorn and you must spend some handsome amount of time and plan while doing so.

Have you created any business plan?

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