5 Reasons Handwritten Letters Are Best

Handwritten letters are the best and still it is in fashion to convey your message to others. It’s not only for your loved one , but also can be used professionally and in business. If you’re running a business, you can send your customers a handwritten note, which gives a personalized feel and customers feel more connected to your business.

Here are some of the top reasons why handwriting letters are best-

#1 They get opened and read

This is definitely the best reason why handwritten letters are best. You send your customers emails, and hardly 20% of emails are opened and ~2.5% are clicked.

Instead, if you are using handwritten letters, there is almost a 100% probability that it will be opened. As per the survey, 65% people say they give full attention to mail. It’s a normal practice that you will find handwritten letters on your doormat or dining table. People tend to open and read it. It has been estimated that more than 95% of people tend to open and read handwritten letters and notes.

#2 Handwritten letters get a response

How many times have you come across a situation where you emailed someone, and it’s been days and still no response?

Well, in the case of handwritten letters this is not the case. These letters are responded to, and people take this on priority. In email marketing a 10% response rate is considered great, while handwritten letters usually get 30% response which is 3x more than email marketing.

#3 Customer feel special

This is another top reason why handwritten letters are so effective. If you send an email to your customer, they consider it as a marketing agenda and usually ignore such emails. But that is not the case with handwritten letters. If you must make someone special, handwritten letters will be my top choice for sure. Think about it when your customer receives a handwritten note from you, how special they will feel.

Not only that, usually they keep it on their table for longer, share that picture on social media, and more. This gives you and your business more visibility and positive impact. This makes the customer feel connected to your business. The great thing about such handwritten letters is, they can be applied everywhere be it you sending to your employee or a customer.

#4 Handwritten letters stay for longer

On average, handwritten letters stay for 30 days in the house you have sent and are being read again and again (average is 4 times). This is more effective than emails as hard emails will be read once or maybe none as well.

#5 Security

When you send a handwritten letter, there is almost no chance of it being shared, while 15% emails are usually shared. There can be a chance that the content of the letter might be so good that people tend to share it with their close proximity or social media. However, this is different from sharing emails that are usually forwarded.

Bottom line

These were some of the top reasons handwritten letters are best. The only thing is you should know the art of writing a good letter. You can check this guide for more details. If you are also looking for a personalized marketing campaign, you should definitely try handwritten letters for your customers or employees. Let me know if you use this as part of your marketing strategy.

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