Adxxx Ad Network Review- Monetize Your Website With High CPM

If you are looking to monetize your blog or website with adult ads, Adxxx is for you. In this Adxxx review, I will be talking about the network in detail.

Adxxx even provides a good rate for the Asian traffic and ensures that you get what you deserve for your traffic.

Adxxx reviewHigh CPC rate, on-time payment, less threshold is something Adxxx is known for!

In this Adxxx Review, we will talk everything about Adxxx. We will also see whether this is a perfect network for adult traffic or not and the features.

Adxxx Review

Adxxx is a Singapore-based ad network having a worldwide presence and works on CPM model. They are working in the online advertising industry for years and have a dedicated in-house team to ensure all are working properly.

Adxxx provides an excellent solution for both Advertisers and publishers and ensures they are getting the value for their traffic and money. Their professional teams have over 10 years of experience which ensures the best service and result.

Currently, Adxxx provides over 950 Million daily ad views which itself says about the size and reach of the network.

Adxxx Major Features

Here are some of the leading features of Adxxx which makes them a leading ad network.

Adxxx FeaturesWorldwide coverage

Adxxx is truly a global company having a presence on 6 continents and 180+ countries. Both publishers and advertisers participate from these locations which ensure a sea of opportunity for all.

Excellent eCPM

Adxxx is a leading ad network in the adult category and this has not been done if they couldn’t have focused on this.

Adxxx doesn’t only provide competitive eCPM rate but shares the highest rate industry provides for the same location. By this way, being a publisher, you can earn more.

Quick Integration

Once your blog is approved, integrating ads on your blog is super easy and fast. Just create the ad tag and paste the same on your website.

The whole process hardly takes 5 minutes to complete and ads will start showing on your website.

24×7 Support

I have personally tested this feature! They have a dedicated support team which ensures your quires are getting resolved in a timely manner. They treat all the customers on priority and treat them amazingly.

Their team may also help you with the best ad placement and campaigns which ensure better revenue.

#1 Performance Network

Adxxx is a global ad solution network which processes over 500 million clicks per month and over 950 million impressions per day. They are simple yet a great example of performance network.

Payment Methods

Adxxx pays through various methods like PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, WebMoney, & wire transfer.

Their minimum threshold is just $50 and varies with the payment method you selected. Also, Adxxx is just one among the very few networks who allows weekly payment.

Ad Formats

You can find multiple ad formats with Adxxx. These vary with the kind of ads you’re using. Here are few popular ad formats- 300×250, 300×100, 728×90, 315×300 and 160×600.

Requirements for Publishers to Join Adxxx

Adxxx is a leading ad network and they must ensure the level and reliability of the network. Also, they are responsible to the advertisers and ensures their money is giving good ROI.

That is the reason they first check your website before adding into the Adxxx network. So, before applying for the publisher account, you should ensure the following.

• Publishers must NOT host illegitimate content, spam, malware, adware, and spyware.
• Publishers must not upload pirated or copyright content on their site. They should have a copyright law page.
• Publishers can’t use Adxxx ads on the website which is only meant for advertising purpose or have misleading information.
• Adxxx will ban a publisher account instantly if they found any publisher using bots, proxies, auto-refreshing sites or traffic exchange to generate traffic.
• Publishers are not allowed to alter any ad code or manipulate clicks & impressions.

How to Join Adxxx as a publisher

You can click on the sign up in order to join Adxxx as a publisher. This will be your first step towards joining Adxxx.

Adxxx SignupOnce you’ll fill the above-required details, click on the submit button and you will receive an email asking you to verify the account.

Once you will verify your account, you should login to redirect to the dashboard. There you can add your blog.

Once your website is added, it will be in pending state till the time some Adxxx moderator will approve/reject it. Usually, this takes not more than 24 hours.

If your website is approved, you can create the ad unit and integrate on your website.

Payment Details with Adxxx

Adxxx is one of the very few advertising networks who works on NET 7 basis. They pay weekly to their publishers.

You can request for the payment through Paxum, PayPal, ePayments, Webmoney, Wire transfer etc.

The threshold depends on the payment methods you have selected and the minimum is $50.


Adxxx is currently leading the adult ad network with their quality of ads and the revenue they share with their publishers. You will get much higher eCPM rate compared to any other ad network.

They also have referral policy where you can earn if you refer someone and they will earn from the network. This is like a win-win situation for all.

Hope this Adxxx Review cleared the doubts you had and provided an insight into the network. If you are working on similar niches, you should try Adxxx.

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Adxxx is a leading adult ad network since years. They have over 950 Million Ad impressions daily and converts pretty well. If you are a webmaster and is looking to monetize your blog from Adult ads, you should try Adxxx. They provide excellent support, quick integration, and moreover weekly payment.

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