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Supercharge Your Email Marketing With SMTP Relay: What You Should Know

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for email marketing. It’s not just about creating good product promotion content and sending it to the right people. It’s a complex process that requires deeper levels of understanding.

One thing that an email marketer needs to study about is using an SMTP relay service. Without using SMTP relays, businesses won’t be able to grow their customer pools, innovate customer services, stay in touch with current clients, and provide protection for their business’s IP address reputation.

Email Marketing With SMTP Relay

Let’s dive into a deeper understanding of SMTP relay and why you should use one for email marketing.

SMTP Relay: What Is It And How Does It Work?

A Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), otherwise known as an SMTP relay service, is an email transfer protocol that uses 3rd party servers in delivering emails. It’s similar to our standard post office services.

Think of it as the SMTP servers are the post office. When you send an email, it goes to your SMTP server first. Your SMTP server then sends your message to your recipient’s email server as if it were the post office of your recipient’s town.

Your recipient’s email server is then responsible for taking your email to their inbox as if it sent out a mailman.

How Does SMTP Relay Help A Business?

#1 Provides a Guarantee of Correct Email Deliveries

Some email delivery problems cause messages to be sent to other unintended recipients. Sometimes these emails are also delivered to the spam or junk box. SMTP relay services make sure that all kinds of messages such as automated, transactional, confirmational, or welcoming emails sent by their clients reach their recipients’ inboxes.

#2 Saves Time for Troubleshooting Delivery Problems

Other email delivery problems cause campaigns to be rejected, blocked, bounced, or ignored. Using a standard email service to fix these problems would take a lot of time because you need to figure out what the problem is first and then apply the necessary changes to make your campaigns inbox-worthy. It’s a huge problem, especially if you send a lot of emails every day.

SMTP relay services immediately detect the problem by sending you a report when your emails don’t reach your customers’ inboxes. This makes you apply the fixes as quickly as possible to make your campaigns reach inboxes.

#3 Protects a Business’s IP Reputation

As an email marketer, you need to avoid sending spam messages or messages with spammy elements from your IP address. If you don’t, your IP address will be blacklisted. Not only will your business’s reputation be ruined, but future email marketing will also be impossible.

SMTP relay services filter out email campaigns with spammy elements. They also use trusted servers when delivering your emails, giving your business’s IP address a good sender reputation.

#4 Enables the Sending of Large Volume of Emails

Standard email services often have a sending cap of 2000 or fewer emails per day. SMTP relay services have a higher limit. Most of the time, they don’t have one, depending on your membership plan. This allows you to stay in touch with your existing customers while growing your company by reaching out to more potential customers.

#5 Allows Developers to Send Emails Through Their Apps

As mentioned from #1, automated, transactional, and welcoming emails are essential in email marketing. They make personalization easier, drive customer loyalty, and add security. For businesses with their own websites or mobile applications, they need to integrate these types of email campaigns into their platforms.

Some email services don’t have these integration functions. But SMTP relay services do, and website or app developers find it easier to complete the integration process.

Connecting Your SMTP Relay To An Advanced Email Marketing Platform

There are two things required to get the best out of your email marketing experience. One is a user-friendly email marketing platform that makes management more comfortable, from customer list segmentation to email automation. Two is a powerful engine to send your email campaigns.

SMTP relay services are one of those powerful engines. By combining a powerful SMTP relay service, easy-to-use email marketing platform, and professional email writing skills altogether, you’ll be able to achieve a 122% or even more return-on-investment (ROI).

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve noticed that your customer pool is growing and using a standard email address no longer allows you to stay in touch with everyone every day, it’s time to use an SMTP relay service.

SMTP relay services will do most of the campaign delivery job for you. All you have to do is pay attention to detected errors or warnings. Then quickly do the necessary fixes to make your emails arrive in your customers’ inboxes on time.

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