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EXL Data Science Interview Questions

I recently attended the EXL data science interview for the position of a senior data scientist. I wanted to share my experience with the interview and the questions asked. If you’re also preparing for the data science transition, these EXL data science interview questions will help you.

EXL Data Science Interview Questions
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EXL data science Interview Experience

The interview went well and there were two people in the panel. It was a Zoom interview and I found the interviewer was majorly interested in the technical stuff. So, if I was explaining about the opportunity we got from any project, they were asking to switch over technical stuff again. Overall the interview continued for around 70-75 minutes and we concluded on a positive note.

EXL data science interview questions

#1 Explain about your recent project and we discussed around 7-10 minutes on this

#2 Explain how you prepared your data from multiple sources for your project and the challenges you faced

#3 In your dataset how many variables you had and when I said around 75+ then we discussed the dimension reduction

#4 Explain how PCA work for layman and for technical people

#5 What is covariance and eigenvalue in terms of PCA?

#6 What if we are just doing the data analysis and want to understand the relationship between variables without creating the model. How to go around it?

#7 What are the differences between correlation and covariance?

#8 If the dependent and independent variables are not following the linear relationship then how you will find whether those variables are related to each other or not.

#9 Explain the life cycle of model deployment

#10 What all libraries you have used for model deployment

#11 Explain a project where you deployed a model with certain efficiency and later you improved it.

#12 Explain the EDA (explanatory data analysis) part completely considering an example

#13 How you’re going to do statistical analysis of the data where the variables are having a class of imbalance

#14 What are the open-source pipelining tools you have used and what kind of experience you had

#15 There were then a few generic questions around why looking to change the company, the notice period, what I liked in my current role and what should be changed, and similar others.


This was the first technical round interview of EXL and I believe there will be more. As soon as I go through those interviews, I will update this page and so you can bookmark this.

If you’re also planning to explore your data science career with EXL, these EXL data science interview questions will help you prepare better. You can also check our Citi bank data science interview questions if you’re preparing for the same.

If you’re looking to build career in data science, I would recommend you checking data science career page to get details about the coding apps as well.

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