How To Save Big While Online Shopping

Online shopping is getting momentum and you can see this by the growing number of eCommerce stores. Due to the rise of such stores, there has been a lot of competition as well and so is somehow beneficial for the customers as well. Although this is a fact that still, 92% of retail shopping happens offline there is a lot of potential in online shopping which you can find from the stores like Walmart, Amazon, eBay, etc.

How to save big while online shopping

Usually, you will find every ecom store offering sales, sales season, and more multiple times a year. You can find all such stores going with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, New year’s festive season. During this festive season, if you’re shopping you can save more. In this post, I am going to talk the same – how to save big while online shopping.

I am going to talk about various factors that will help you save big on online shopping. This includes all major ecom stores like eBay.

5 Tips to save on eBay shopping

In this article, I am going to focus on the eBay store but more or less all the other leading ecom stores almost follow the same. eBay is a leading online eCommerce marketplace for categories like electronics, cars, fashion, celebrities, and more. Using the below 5 tips to save on eBay shopping, you can save some bucks while buying the same product on eBay.

#1 Never buy without coupons

There are thousands of websites that offer discount coupons and deals for eBay. Using such offers, you can save a big amount while shopping and so I say, never buy without looking at it. One such deal site is Slickdeals. Slickdeals is a leading coupon site providing discount coupons for all the major sites like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and more.

Slickdeals also offers the browser extension which you can install to automatically apply the best coupon every time at checkout. I personally have used this a lot and got good savings every time I shop on eBay. On Slickdeals, you can find various active and working discount coupons, sales details, and more.

The best thing I found with Slickdeals is, they keep only the working coupons and also place coupon verified badges which makes it more reliable. If you’re also going to shop on eBay, you must check eBay coupons before finishing the shopping to save big.

#2 Compare various seller

eBay or any other marketplace allows the various sellers to sell a single product. And so, whenever you’re going to buy something, make sure to compare the sellers. I remember when I was ordering a laptop, one seller was showing the price at $750 while the other had at $725. So, just by comparing the products, I saved $25 which is a decent amount. One thing that you should check here along with the seller is the feature. Make sure the seller you’re selecting is offering the return facility.

#3 Can go with old/furbished items

eBay also offers the used items for listing and you can buy such products at a very affordable price. For example, if a new laptop is priced at $1000 then you can find a little-used around $600-700. And the great thing about furbished items are, those are given a fresh look and will like new itself. Also, many sellers offer a warranty on the furbished items as well.

#4 Checkout seasonal deals

Like any other eCommerce store, eBay also offers seasonal sales. You can grab a huge discount during black Friday, Cyber Monday, new year, Christmas, etc. So, if your list is not having super-priority, wait for these offers and you can save some huge on every product. During such sales, you can find huge offers like 30-70%. You can also look for the products where the offer is maximum.

#5 Checkout limited-time deal

For every category on eBay, you can find a section called a limited-time deal. Here eBay lists all the best deal items. These are products which have the highest deals for you to buy with attractive offers. For example, when I looked at the computer, tablet, and network hardware section, I found below as a limited-time deal.

eBay limited time deals

You can see here, the prices are being slashed and even a 2-year warranty on refurbished products which is a great deal.


Here we come at the end of the article on how to save big while online shopping. I hope you got some good ideas about saving more bucks while shopping on eBay.

If you have used eBay earlier and got some deals or savings, feel free to share with us.

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