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Marketing has changed a lot with the time and is more data and customer centric now. With the inclusion of Big Data and Machine Learning, the industry has become more advanced. Companies are now focusing on real value and where they can get return rather than a general advertisement.Companies are now moving to more engaging and influential ways of advertising rather than just the offline marketing.

If you see the below trend, you can easily find that people are now more available online compared to offline.

Online Marketing vs Offline MarketingSo if people are comparatively spending more time online then why don’t target online customers.

Again you should not simply target all the customers present online else you will end of having almost nothing. Here segment marketing comes into picture and Machine learning plays an important role here.

Segmented ads and targeted users work very well if you run the ads. These all things become possible due to the enhancement of technology, with the new platforms and data.

Today, I am going to share about such a platform named GetReviewed which helps you to connect with the potential customer through influential marketing. Let’s start with GetReviewed Review.

GetReviewed Review

Let’s see how GetReviewed will help you to connect with the targeted customers through content marketing. Let’s go in detail with the GetReviewed Review.

GetReviewed ReviewIntroduction

GetReviewed is a platform connecting the bloggers with the advertisers. Here bloggers can earn money by publishing the review post on their blog. At the same time, advertisers can reach to their targeted customers by posting the content targeting those customers.

It is a brand new platform offering services worldwide and making content & influential marketing easier.

In this GetReviewed Review, we will show you how GetReviewed is beneficial for both advertisers and publishers as well as its working.

GetReviewed for Publishers

Publishers have excellent opportunity to earn money just by publishing the review posts on their blog. All you have to do is, just integrate your blog and add your social media profiles. Once all done, advertisers will start giving you the assignment.

As GetReviewed is the new platform and so early adopters will have more benefits as the publishers are less.

To get started with GetReviewed, you need first to sign up. Once done, you will receive an email which you should verify.

Now login to the dashboard and proceed to add blog section. Here you’ll have to add the details. You should also add your social media profiles for more visibility.

Add Blog to GetReviewed PlatformOnce all the details have been added, your blog will be in pending status until the time it will be reviewed by the team.

Once approved, you will receive an email stating the approval/rejection of your blog. You can work according to the status of your application.

If your application is approved, advertisers will be able to see your blog and can order the posts as well.

If you are getting any order for the post, you will get five days to submit the post. And the details will look like below-

GetReviewed Post SampleAfter receiving the order, you have the option to accept the order or reject the order. If you accept the order, you will get five days to submit the post.

After publishing the post as per the guidelines shared by the advertiser, you should submit the URL. After 14 days of publishing the post, the money will be transferred to your account.

The best thing with the platform is there is no threshold kind of stuff. The money you’ll earn will be transferred to your PayPal/preferred payment method.

GetReviewed for Advertisers

If you are an advertiser and want to reach out to targeted customers through powerful content marketing, then GetReviewed is the best platform for you.

GetReviewed for AdvertisersIn the budget marketing, you will be able to publish the content on authority blogs. Here are some of the features of the platform-

• Attract customers who are ready to try and buy your product.
• All the blogs listed on the platform are getting manually reviewed, and so you can expect only quality blogs.
• Get listed on authority blogs in small price
• Content and links will be on the blog permanently as per the terms by GetReviewed
Get reviewed by influential bloggers in the budget

In case a Blogger’s post is removed from the Blogger’s website within the period of 14 days. You can simply write to the GetReviewed team, and they will do the rest.


GetReviewed is a fantastic platform for both bloggers and advertisers to interact with each other and do business. This is beneficial for both the parties in the budget.

If you are a blogger or webmaster and looking to get some posts to earn from it, do join the GetReviewed platform.

Also, if you are an advertiser and seeking to reach more customers in the budget, GetReveiwed is for you. Your products and services will get reviewed by mommy bloggers, tech bloggers, etc. easily.

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