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5 Best Hadoop Use Cases in Education Sector

Hadoop is being used in every sector now. You can find various Hadoop use cases in the education sector for improving the quality.

Hadoop Use Cases in Education SectorEarlier we published a detailed article on Big Data use cases in banking and financial sector which you can check for the reference. Big Data and Hadoop is solving some serious and real issue with these sectors which are making the system efficient, easy and helpful.

Here in this post, I am going to share some of the best Hadoop use cases in education sector. You can use these Hadoop use case in education to solve problems or for the practice purpose.

5 top Hadoop use cases in education sector

But before moving ahead with the big data Hadoop use cases in education industry, let’s see some of the common challenges with the education sector.

  • Developing an industry ready education system
  • Improving monitoring and evaluation
  • Making system more accountable
  • Getting trained teachers for improving quality education
  • Knowing the industry demand and making the education system up to the level
  • Improving the classroom environment and many others.

Now as we know the challenges with the current education system in the world, let’s see how these can be fixed with the following Hadoop use cases in education sector. We will try to cater these education sector challenges with the help of big data and Hadoop.

We will first list the problem faced and then will provide the possible solution using Big Data and Hadoop ecosystems.

Use Case I: Student Acquisition Optimization

Problem: We say that there are unemployment, but if you ask the human resource department of any company, they will say they are not getting the right candidates. You can easily find hundreds of candidates participating in a drive for just a few vacancies but at the end of the hardly any vacancies getting filled.

Here is a survey report by Manpower group showing how employers are facing difficulties while finding the right resource.

Skills vs Job GapPossible Hadoop solution: Using Hadoop and its ecosystems, the industry can do better sentiment analysis on the students participating in the drive. The same can be done for those whom companies are calling for interviews.

Data analysis can be done for the background, interest, capability, college/institution, etc. to know the students better.

Use Case II: Course selection

Problem: You will find the majority of students talking about the niche they are studying. Many of those don’t like the department they study. This can frequently be experienced in engineering stream. This results in unemployment and depressions.

Possible solution: The best can be done here is, before selecting any branch for study, first do an analysis. What is the interest of the student, in which area he/she like to proceed further?

This can be done by analyzing their social media data like what they are posting, what they share etc. Another thing, take feedback from their teachers and see what kind of interest they showed in previous class, what questions they asked and then take the decision.

Use Case III: Teaching Effectiveness

Problem: There are many instructors who are either not giving their best or not able to. Identifying such instructors and improving the performance, rewarding the right teacher are the current challenge.

Possible Hadoop solution: Understanding if the lack of teaching effectiveness is a widely expressed sentiment about individual instructors can enable the institution to take corrective action faster. The institution can also reward those instructors who have widespread positive sentiment and successful students.

Use Case IV: Increasing Job Oriented Education

Problem: If you see the first Hadoop use case in education I listed above, you will find companies are not getting the right candidates. The main reason behind this is, the current education system is not many jobs oriented. At many places still, that century-old syllabus is processing.

Job Posting Vs HiringPossible Hadoop solution: Education system should be revised and should include the new courses and technologies. For example, if you talk about the engineering system, still they just teach C and C++. These are good and are the foundation but what about the industry.

Popular Coding LanguagesSo education courses should be prepared in such a way that it can compensate the demands raised by the industries.

Using Big Data, education institutes analyze the jobs being posted by the companies, analyze the trends in the industry and according to that train their students.

Use Case V: Student Retention

Problem: Most of the institutes are unable to retain their students for longer. Their students leave the institute/school/college early. This issue exists with schools, colleges or training institutes as well.

Possible Hadoop Solution: Whenever students join any institution, they talk about it. They talk about the likes, dislikes, pros and cons to their family, friends and even post on the social sites or review sites.

Institutes must analyze such posts and find the feedback, trends to serve their students better. Again this will be a part of sentiment data analysis.

Wrapping up

Hope you liked these 5 Hadoop use cases in the Education sector. A lot can be improved with the help of Big Data Hadoop and Machine learning. Many top universities like LPUNEST, University of California, etc. are using Big Data to improve their system, research, and technology.

Let us know if you found any other scenario where Hadoop can improve the way currently it is.

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