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10 Best Hadoop Cloud Service Providers

Hadoop Cloud service market is mainly dominated by many large and medium-sized Hadoop cloud service providers. After all, there are many who wonder how to decide where to store their data on cloud.

Hadoop Cloud Service Providers

Companies like Google, Amazon, and HP, etc. are among the top Hadoop cloud service providers. These big companies are adopting M&A strategies to improve their global presence. They also acquire small cloud service providers to increase their market presence and share.

Hadoop as a service (HDaaS) makes big data projects an easier to approach. Here are some of the major Hadoop cloud service providers who make this run even more interesting.

Over few thousand companies are now using Hadoop as a Big Data technology including some of the major giants as below-

• Ebay
• Amazon
• Facebook
• Google
• LinkedIn
• Twitter
• Yahoo
• Adobe
• Alibaba

You will find almost all the Fortune 500 companies using Hadoop as a big data technology to increase the sales and business.

The below is a graphical representation where it shows the number of companies using Hadoop at a different scale.

Companies Using Hadoop

And here are 10+ best Hadoop cloud service providers who serve these market giants to host their Hadoop services and files.

Best Hadoop Cloud Service Providers- TOP 10!

Let’s see some of the top Hadoop cloud service providers in the market. All of these are the common name when it comes to infrastructure and has a good market cap.

Amazon Web Service EMR (AWS EMR)

Amazon EMRAmazon EMR (Amazon Elastic Map Reduce) is a leading Hadoop cloud service providers currently. Also, Amazon EMR is not just restricted to Hadoop but also provide services to Spark and other Big Data solutions.

It provides a managed Hadoop framework to manage and process a large amount of data across dynamically scalable Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) instances.

Amazon EMR is being used in varieties of applications like log analysis, web indexing, data warehousing, machine learning, financial analysis, scientific simulation, and bioinformatics. Customers launch millions of Amazon EMR clusters every year.

The pricing of EMR is based on the time you will use the cluster. So if you are using 10 clusters for 1 hour, that means you will be same as 10 hours for 1 cluster.

Even though the hourly charge depends on the configuration of the machine you want but it ranges between $0.011/hour to $0.27/hour.


HP Cloud

HO CloudHP provides elastic cloud storage and computing platform to analyze a large amount of data in the ranges up to several petabytes.

HP Helion Public Cloud provides the required infrastructure required to process big data. With the help of HP cloud hybrid infrastructure, you can implement right mix of public cloud, private cloud, and traditional IT.

There are multiple solutions provided by HP as a Hadoop cloud service providers depending on the kind of requirements you have. Here are the main three-

• Cloud Software
• Cloud Infrastructure
• Managed Cloud Services

Google Cloud

Google CloudThe search engine giant is also one of the biggest Hadoop cloud service providers in the world. In fact, there is a large contribution by Google when it comes to the evolution of Big Data.

Google’s big table was the foundation base of MapReduce architecture.

Google cloud provides fully managed data warehousing, batch and stream processing, data exploration, Hadoop/Spark, and reliable messaging.

Apart from providing the cloud solution for Hadoop, Google Cloud also provides the infrastructure for Machine learning, networking, and other tools.

Qubole has partnered with Google Compute Engine (GCE) to provide the first fully-elastic Hadoop service on the platform.



HortownWorks HDPHortonWorks data platform (HDP) enables the complete world of Hadoop. HortonWorks together with Cloudera and mapR are the leader when it comes to complete infrastructure of Hadoop and related ecosystems.

HDP is a secure, enterprise-ready open source Apache Hadoop based on a centralized architecture (YARN- Hadoop 2.0). HDP addresses the complete needs of data-at-rest, powers real-time customer applications and delivers robust analytics that accelerate decision making and innovation.

HDP provides all the required integration, tools and infrastructure you need to start with Hadoop ecosystems.



cloudera-hdaasAs I said above, Cloudera is also one of the few companies which provide the complete set up for Hadoop. In fact, Cloudera is the most famous among all.

CDH is a 100% open source Apache software and is the only Hadoop solution to offer unified batch processing, interactive SQL, and interactive search, and role-based access controls.

CDH delivers all the core elements of Hadoop like-

• Scalable
• Storage and
• Distributed computing

You can start with Cloudera Free and use Cloudera default credentials to get started. If your system has 10 GB of RAM, then you can also experience Cloudera Manager.

In the production environment, you will have to ask Cloudera team about your requirements and they will set up the solution for you.


Microsoft Azure- HDInsight

Microsoft Azure HDInsightHDInsight is Hadoop distribution powered by the cloud. It has been designed to scale and process the data starting from terabytes to petabytes.

It is a fully-managed cloud Hadoop offering that provides optimized open source analytic clusters for Spark, Hive, MapReduce, HBase, Storm, Kafka, and R Server with 99.9% SLA. All of these big data technologies and ISV applications are easily deployable as managed clusters with enterprise-level security and monitoring.

The servers are easily configurable with many productivity tools such as Datameer, Cask, AtScale, and StreamSets.

Microsoft Azure’s Hadoop cloud service is easy for administrators to handle and manage. With HDInsight you can process unstructured or semi-structured data from web clickstreams, social media, server logs, devices and sensors, and more.

It also supports the ad-hoc requests like if you are getting any new kind of data then also you can contact manager from HDInsight.


IBM BigInsight

IBM BigInsightIBM BigInsight is a major Hadoop cloud service providers which provide the cloud related service on IBM SoftLayer global cloud infrastructure.

IBM Infosphere BigInsight doesn’t require any on-premises infrastructure; and it supports Big SQL, Big Sheets, and text analytics and more, IBM asserts.

Here are some of the features of the IBM BigInsight standard edition-

• Fully integrated, completely compatible – Integrated install of Apache Hadoop and associated open source components from the Apache Hadoop ecosystem that is tested and pre-configured.
• Includes Jaql, a declarative query language, to facilitate analysis of both structured and unstructured data.
• Provides a web-based management console for easier administration and real-time views.
• Includes BigSheets, a Web-based analysis and visualization tool with a familiar, spreadsheet-like interface that enables easy analysis of large amounts of data and long running data collection jobs.

• Includes Big SQL, a native SQL query engine that enables SQL access to data stored in BigInsights, leveraging MapReduce for complex data sets and direct access for smaller queries.



CSC CloudCSC is also one of the major Big Data Hadoop cloud service providers in the world. They provide a fully managed integrated program.

CSC Big Data Platform as a Service (BDPaaS) helps enterprises leap past these hurdles and get value from their data much more quickly. With BDPaaS, enterprises can rapidly develop, secure and deploy next-generation big data and analytics applications with a centralized, subscription-based platform that uses leading analytics tools, infrastructure, and software.

The software includes integrated support for Cloudera, Hortonworks, DataStax, Spark, Pentaho, Qlik, Tableau, R, Python, and more.

• Here are some of the features of BDPaaS-
• Increase Success Rates
• Drive Faster Time to Value
• Reduce Costs through Open-Source Applications
• Protect Data with Multilayer Enterprise Security
• Enable Rapid Big Data Application Development and many others



AltiscaleAltiscale is now acquired by SAP and has been founded by the veterans of Yahoo, Google, etc. Altiscale provides purpose-built, petabyte-scale infrastructure that delivers Apache Hadoop as a cloud service.

Altiscale provides a comprehensive platform that is proven, tested, and up to date. It includes not only Hadoop and Spark but also Hive, Tez, Arimo, and H2O. All of these tools run side-by-side on the same Hadoop Data File System (HDFS) cluster managed through YARN.



MapR HDaasMapR provides the complete distribution for Hadoop and is a complete environment working on Hadoop 2.0. MapR is also one of the biggest vendors of Apache Hadoop.

The complete distribution of MapR includes- Apache Hive, Apache Pig, Cascading, Apache HCatalog, Apache HBase™, Apache Oozie, Apache Flume, Apache Sqoop, Apache Mahout, and Apache Whirr.

Here are some of the features of MapR-

• Cost effective
• fault-tolerant
• flexible
• scalable


These were the ten best Hadoop cloud service providers. There are few more like-

• Teradata
• Pentaho
• Datadog
• Infochips
• Century Link
• Cask Data etc.

Which provides some amazing features as a Hadoop cloud service providers and so if you are looking to start with HDaaS, then you may look for any of these companies.

Most of these Big Data Cloud service provider companies also offers a free trial and so you can first try and then buy.

Companies like Amazon and Century link etc. also offers hourly rate per cluster and so you can try it as and when required.


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