How to Develop Good Memory For JEE?

We must have all experienced in our student life the struggles of recollecting the right answer while writing an exam. However, this happens mostly when we have not prepared well or it could be because of the sheer pressure that students feel due to the nature of the exam.

IIT JEE is one such exam where candidates face a lot of pressure. One prime reason for such a condition is due to the fact that JEE is considered to be the most difficult entrance exam in the world. Other reasons include the level of competition and expectations from the parents.

studyIf you are planning to appear for the Joint Entrance Exam then it is really important to retain and recall information clearly as it is closely related to your success. You need to remember the exact information to solve more questions and perform excellently in the exam.

The more correct answers you get, the more likely you will be ahead in the competition and even crack the exam. You will also be able to meet the JEE Advanced or JEE Main cutoff set for the admissions into the different IITs or other premier institutes. Having said that, it is really important that you develop a good memory.

The only question that may come to your mind right now is whether competent memory can be developed or not or is there any effective method to do so. The answer is yes. You can actually increase your memory power and retention capability.

There are scientifically proven strategies and exercises that can help you remember details more frequently. In this article, you will find some of those techniques that will help you enhance your memorizing capability and achieve better grades in JEE.

The Power of Visualization

Many research and studies have shown that students are able to recall information more effectively when they are able to visualize the given information. In general, visualization is described as the process of forming an image of something (in this case the topics or concepts) in the mind in order to remember them.

This is a powerful method that you can apply to study productively and at the same time recall the correct information during the exams. The concepts that you study will be imprinted strongly in your mind. This method will be helpful in memorizing physics and chemistry concepts.

Apply Active Learning In Your Studies

If you are hearing it for the first time then don’t worry, we will explain what is it all about. Studying actively basically means engaging yourself in certain activities such as writing, discussions, analyzing and evaluating the given information. One of the most popular methods is the PQRST method which stands for Previewing, Questioning, Reading, Stating, and Testing. In this, you should come up with questions, discuss the ideas and come up with a suitable solution. In the end, this will enhance your ability to retain most of the concepts.

How To Develop Effective Memory For Different Subjects?

JEE syllabus includes subjects like maths, physics and chemistry. These subjects require more mental work in remembering the formulas, equations, theorems, etc. You should have a good memory if you want to tackle questions from these subjects. For math, instead of relying completely on mental computations you can practice problems by writing the steps involved in the calculation. For physics and chemistry, you can make use of acronyms to remember certain facts and other information. You should also write down the formulas in a separate notebook or make flash cards for easy reference.

You Should Start Reading More And More

One of the easiest ways to develop a good memory is to inculcate a habit of reading. Once you start to read more and more your memory registration will improve and you will be able to remember information more clearly. In addition to reading the books, you should make it a point to note down all the important topics or concepts. It will help you to keep track of what topics to focus on when you are conducting your revisions.

Remembering Details Require Good Understanding Of Concepts

In most cases, what we have noticed is that many students fail to recollect information mainly because they have not understood the topics clearly. During your JEE preparation, you should completely understand the concepts and not rely on rote learning.

After reading the topic you should try to interpret the same in your own words or even explain the topic to someone else. This way you will be able to remember the details for a longer period of time.

Now that you have read about how to improve your memory, you should seriously apply these techniques while studying for JEE. You should notice a significant difference in how you remember information from this point forward.

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