Ninja Blaster Review- Leading Marketing Software

With the changing Google search algorithm, the focus is being given to the social media. And this the reason internet marketer is now focusing more on the social signal.

And when it comes to social signal, who can ignore Facebook? Of course, Facebook marketing is one of the favorite choices for the internet marketer. If you will consider the better ROI for different platforms, then Facebook comes at the leading position. Here is a graph showing based on research done by Moz, the cost to reach the 1000 people online was least on Facebook.

which ad platform provide Better Ad ROIReaching to the potential customer on Facebook is damn easy and cheap. But the problem is you can’t reach out to them manually. And here Facebook groups and pages help!

You can share your links or post in the Facebook groups and can reach to all the members of the Facebook group. But this is a time-consuming work and sharing the post manually will take a long time. The solution of this issue is Ninja Blaster.

Ninja Blaster is an excellent tool to automate the Facebook Marketing. It is an all in one automated software for all the internet marketing work.

In this Ninja Blaster Review, we will discuss this software and will see the different Ninja Blaster Features.

Let’s start with the Ninja Blaster Review!

Ninja Blaster Review- Overview

Ninja Blaster is a Facebook auto poster and marketing tool developed by Andre Klapschinski that gives you the privileges to publish in multiple Facebook groups on autopilot basis. After several Facebook updates also, Ninja Blaster is working perfectly without any spam detection.

Ninja Blaster ReviewThere are multiple features, Ninja Blaster provides like full spam protection, unlimited keywords suggestions from multiple SE, Photo Pro includes Resize, resize photos with just one click. We will discuss the full Ninja Blaster features later in this Ninja Blaster review.

Here are the three major works for which you can use Ninja Blaster-

  • Facebook Auto Group Poster
  • Facebook Auto Group Joiner
  • The Best Marketing Software

There are multiple features inside all these three sections which we will discuss later in this Ninja Blaster Review.

Ninja Blaster Features

Here are the detailed features of Ninja Blaster which you should know to use the Ninja Blaster software effectively.

Keyword Research and Suggestions

Yes! It is not just the Facebook automation software but the complete marketing software.

Ninja Blaster Keyword Research ToolYou can either add the keyword for which you need suggestions or even load the keywords from any file. After you have loaded/written the keywords, select the search engine name and then select the level. Here if the level is 0, it will suggest you the suggestions for the same keyword. Further with level 1, it will go down and share the long tail keywords and with further levels, you can find more long tail keywords.

You can also export the keywords in the notepad or Excel file for further work or reference.

Here are the features of the Ninja Blaster Keyword Research software-

  • List of keywords can be easily imported
  • Get the best keyword suggestions and long tail keywords which are the backbone of ranking
  • keyword suggestion can be found from five search engines

Facebook Auto Group Poster

Using this feature, you can post almost anything on any Facebook groups on auto-pilot mode. Using this tool, you can do the following. Although Facebook keeps on changing the algorithms to stop spam or software related activity, Ninja Blaster is advanced and cater all such algorithms.

Ninja Blaster Facebook Group Poster

  • You can post photos to the Facebook groups
  • You can share the status to multiple Facebook groups automatically
  • Links can be posted to multiple Facebook groups
  • Comments can be done in multiple Facebook groups and auto-posts can be deleted as well
  • You can join to multiple Facebook groups on auto mode and can add your friends as well

Facebook Auto Group Joiner

If you are new to Facebook it is pain to search and join different Facebook groups in your niche. But this pain can be removed with the help of Ninja Blaster when it will add you to the multiple Facebook groups depending on the keywords you will share.

This is completely a safe way to join groups and will be done automatically.

Ninja Business

Ninja business is a new feature introduced by Ninja Blaster. Here you can find a lot of new clients and customers based on your keywords. Basically, Ninja Blaster searches the yellow pages and based on your keyword, it shows you the result.

Ninja Blaster Ninja BusinessNinja Proxies

I am sure I don’t have to say why one should use proxies. To access the blocked sites and hide real identity we use proxies. Companies charge a handsome amount of money for good proxies having many IPs.

But Ninja Blaster is giving you free with the normal plan. You can find loads of IPs depending on the country using this tool.

Image Downloader and Photo Resize

Again, this is a new feature introduced in the latest version of Ninja Blaster which you can use for more benefit. In this section, you can download the fresh 500 images for any keyword.

Ninja Blaster Image search ToolThey use Pinterest mainly to find the images as Pinterest is one of the leading image social media sites. Just provide the directory to store the image and then share the keyword and click on start and you will find the folder getting loaded with the desired images.

Email Scrapper Tool

This one is interesting by Ninja Blaster where you can scrap the Facebook and Gmail email addresses easily. Just log in with your Facebook user id and password and enter the keyword and the tool will share the related email ids.

Similarly, you can find the active Gmail ID with the tool. You can use these email ids for the marketing purpose to reach your potential customer.

There are many similar useful features by Ninja Blaster which you can use and get with any plan.

Ninja Blaster Plans and Pricing

Ninja Blaster is an amazing tool for the marketing automation as we saw above. Despite with these many features, they have minimal and affordable pricing.

Ninja Blaster pricingYou can download Ninja Blaster for free and use it free for 3 days. Then if you are satisfied, you can go ahead and select any of the below plans.

  • You can but it at $9.95 per month. Later it can be billed automatically or manually as you wish
  • Buy for a complete year of license in just $59
  • And for lifelong it is available at just $97 which is pure value for money

My Thought on Ninja Blaster

This was all about Ninja Blaster Review. I hope you got an insight of the Ninja Blaster tool and came to know how this actually works.

Ninja Blaster is a perfect tool for all the marketer to automate their job and get the real value for time and money. I have personally used Ninja Blaster and am quite impressed with the features and performance of the tool.

Do try their 3-days free trial and see how it works for your work.

Ninja Blaster Review
  • Features
  • Support
  • Price
  • Reliability and Automation


Ninja Blaster is a marketing automation softare helping you to automate your marketing needs which includes Facebook posting, email scrapping, Image scrapping and many such tools.

You can start with Ninja Blaster for free for 3-days and after that it just costs $9.95 per month or $97 for the lifetime. You can start with Ninja Blaster now and automate all your marketing needs.

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