How To Host Your File Securely on Cloud?

Technologies are moving very fast and storage system has also witnessed the same. From traditional storage to cloud storage it has changed quickly. Today, we are going to talk about a cloud storage provider pCloud in this pCloud Review.

pCloud ReviewThere is various reason due to which individuals and companies are moving towards the cloud. Some of the main reasons are as below-

• Hardware costs are more comparatively
• If you’re using commodity hardware, chance of failure is more
• Sharing and file transfer has never been easier and many others

So, due to those issues, traditional storage has been shifted to the cloud and cloud storage is trending these days.

Almost every sector is getting transformed to the cloud. It is the same like hard copies moved to soft copies.

But usually people think that cloud storage will be costly but the fact is completely different. Even you can host your files on the cloud for free as well. In this pCloud review, I will share the details to host your files securely on the cloud.

pCloud Review

Let’s start with pCloud Review and see their details, pCloud Features, and pCloud Pricing.


pCloud is a cloud storage service provider started in 2013 and is based in Switzerland. In the very short span of time of 3 years, pCloud has attracted over 6 Million customers which are a huge achievement.

pCloud ReviewThey are focused on making cloud storage easier, affordable and secure for everyone. No matter you are an individual or a business, pCloud has a solution for everyone. Their in-house technology makes the storage even more secure.

There are several features provided by pCloud which makes the cloud hosting even more secure and reliable. We will discuss more this in the next section. The company also provides 30-days of free trial which you can check for the experience.

Features of pCloud

Here are the different features of pCloud as a part of cloud storage. These features are a real-time feature which you will experience while using the platform.

File Management

You can easily store an unlimited number of files on the cloud hosting. There is even no limit of the size of the file you will upload. You can upload any size you want till the time you have space left.

pCloud ReviewpCloud Crypto

pCloud Crypto is a new technology introduced in pCloud storage for the company who require high-level of data security.

Here the data encryption is done on the user’s devices so that only the user gets to access them. The user can lock and unlock any number of files as they need using passphrases.


Let’s suppose you are working in a file shared between multiple users. In that case, you can maintain the version of the file so that the earlier version can be retrieved as and when required. The old version will be maintained till 180 days which is sufficient.

Team Management

If you are working in a team you may need to add multiple users with a different role. pCloud allows you to do so using the team management feature.

pCloud ReviewYou can easily add a new user, make them admin or change their roles so that they will have required access.


Using this feature, the pCloud tool will automatically sync your cloud account with the new files added to your devices. It can be on your computer or mobile or browsers. All will be synced automatically.

pCloud for different platforms

pCloud is available for all the major platforms and devices. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices as well.

In a mobile device, also, it is available for all the three platforms- Android, IOS, and Windows.

pCloud ReviewDespite using any platforms, you will experience high uploading and download speed of around 80 MBPS.

Plans and Pricing

pCloud is having three different plans as shown below. But if these don’t satisfy your need then you can also ask for custom quotes.

pCloud ReviewIn the free plan, the company allows you to have 20GB space. You can store anything you want in the space allocated.

The premium plan starts at $3.99 per month where you will get 500GB storage and is great for a start-up or mid-size company.

There is another plan of $7.99 per month where you receive a space of 2TB and suits best for mid-size companies looking to exchange large size files.


pCloud is one of the leading cloud storage system available with us. So, if you are looking for a reliable place to store your files securely and share those, pCloud is for you. pCloud can also fix startup disk full for you.

The pCloud support team is also available 24×7 through email to help you out. You can also check resource and FAQ section for immediate and general questions.

pCloud- Cloud Hosting Platform
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pCloud is a leading secure cloud hosting platform. You can use the platform for free as well and can host files up to 20GB. The uploading, downloading and sharing is very easy and fast. The premium plan also just starts at $3.99 per month.

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