PUBG Mobile: Beginner Tips and Tricks for Survival

PUBG is amongst the top Battle Royale games that gamers love to play. The game is available for both PCs and laptops. Regardless, gamers prefer playing PUBG on their smartphones. PUBG Mobile had over 1 billion downloads last month. It also has about 50 million active users monthly. Just like COD, PUBG has a Battle Royale mode and an arcade mode. In the Battle Royale matches, 100 players battle against one another as squads, duos, or solo.

For all those gamers who have recently downloaded PUBG because of the hype but are facing difficulties while pushing your rank, discussed below are a few pubg cheats for PC, tricks that’ll enhance your survival and chicken dinner chances to a great degree.

Pick an area to land wisely

For any Battle Royale game, the first thumb rule is to decide where you will land. It is very important to make this decision wisely as it can affect in what direction your gameplay will progress. If you have just started playing PUBG, it’s better to land in the areas like Farm or School on the Erangel map.

This way, you will be able to avoid any combat for most of the game. You would be able to survive and make it to the last ten players in the inner circle for sure. Always go for areas that have buildings to survive longer.

Loot first, fight later

When playing PUBG, it is always important to loot first and get into combat after that. There’s no point in picking a fight with someone if you don’t have enough medkits or smoke grenades to counter their attacks. Always go into battle fully prepared.

Even if you have just landed and an enemy has landed right in front of you, avoid picking up weapons and pushing on the enemy. Collect all your necessary loot and ammunition, strategize what to do next, and then proceed accordingly.

Make sure you have a level 2 armor and helmet at the least to ensure your player’s safety. Also, pick up bandages, cool drinks, and painkillers as they consume less time in increasing your health when compared to medkits.

Shoot enemies within range

Another survival tactic is to only fire when an enemy is in range. If you fire at an enemy who is not within your range, you will waste your ammunition. You will also let other players know your exact location. This way, squads will be able to ambush you. A grenade would be sufficient for professionals to wipe out your entire squad if you’ve given up your location. 

Firing at an enemy in range will help you give more damage and grab a kill instantly. You’d be able to counter the opponents’ attack safely as well. If the enemy is not within your range and your aim misses, they can snipe you with ease as you’ve already given away your location.

Keep an eye on the map

Always keep an eye on the map so that you know where the safe area lies at all times. When the circle begins to shrink, you will usually find yourself on the outside. The only way to get inside the safe zone is by knowing your location and knowing a safe way inside the circle. With the help of the map, you can easily pick a nice spot on the edge of the circle while you are in the safe zone to avoid any squad ambushing you from behind. 

Keeping a check on the map will also let you stay on edge, and as the circle reduces, you can move closer with all the enemies right in the middle. Since you will be on edge, no squad will be able to target you from behind. This way, you will also know the enemies’ exact locations if you have a sniper. 

Each new circle will be visible on the map as a white outline. If you are constantly watching the map, you will always know where to go next. You wouldn’t need to rush during the early phases and would be able to survive for long.


Here is a round up of the essential survival skills for a beginner who has just started PUBG mobile. Make sure to implement these tips to ace the game and win your chicken dinner. For any related queries, the comment section is always open. Stay tuned for more updates.

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