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Thrive Architect vs Elementor- Which One is Best For You?

Elementor and Thrive Architect are two of the best and most popular WordPress page builders available in the market. And many people simply keep on asking on thrive architect vs elementor so we thought to write a detailed post on this.

Both page builders offer a simple and easy to use drag and drop interface with numerous built-in elements. These page builders give you top-notch solutions for making the best custom websites without learning how to code or even the platform’s back end.

Thrive Architect vs Elementor

In this post, we have highlighted the differences of each editor to help you decide which page builder is best for you. Check this indepth comparison for further details. Both Elementor and Thrive Architect make page building easier. However, both editors have their differences, and each one may help your online business better than the other.

Thrive Architect vs Elementor

Let’s start and look for some of the top areas for Thrive Architect vs Elementor and compare. Here we will be making a comparison based on the features I have personally used.


It is important to note that Elementor offers a free version, while Thrive Architect only provides a 30-day free trial period. When it comes to pricing, Elementor is cheaper, offering a license for $49 per site and an unlimited license for $199. While Thrive Architect has two plans that let you have a license for $67 per website and a 15-site license for $147, it is essential to know that between the two editors, Thrive Architect provides you with lifetime updates while Elementor does not.

These updates are crucial because if you do not install updates for your website’s plugins, it will become incompatible with different plugins you use and, ultimately, WordPress. You have to purchase a new package from Elementor to get updates, while Thrive Architect only requires you to buy the plugin once, and you can create your websites as long as you deem necessary.

Our intake:

For beginner with basic features- Elementor

For advanced users- Try Thrive Architect or Elementor Pro

Landing Pages

When it comes to building landing pages, Thrive Architect focuses on the needs of marketers. They have pre-designed templates that marketers commonly use, such as confirmation pages and webinar registrations, while Elementor provides various templates for different niches.

Our intake:

For general purpose website, use Elementor

For marketing related, use Thrive Architect

Content Blocks

These blocks are pre-built page components that let you create your pages faster. Content blocks can be a formatted box with typography inside it or full-page layouts. Elementor offers you an extensive library of content blocks that provide you with anything you need, while Thrive Architect is relatively new in incorporating this in their services.

Our intake:

Both has amazing blocks and you will get almost all the features needed. The benefit with Elementor is, there are many 3rd party add-ons available.

Theme Building

Elementor has been in the industry for a while, and they have extended from their page building roots to offering clients with full-on theme building, which lets you create an entire website. Thrive Architect is not capable of this yet.

Our intake:

Elemntor is the clear winner here.


Thrive Architect is a competent suite of software. However, it limits you within the Thrive Themes universe as it is not compatible with other third-party development. Elementor lets third-party developers expand its capabilities with additional extensions. 

Elementor comes with 58 elements compared to 35 elements  with Thrive Architect. The best thing with Elementor here is, there are many add-ons available for Elementor. Some of those add-ons are free while others are paid. And this extends the Elementor content block library.

Our intake:

Elemntor is the clear winner here.

Features- Thrive Architect vs Elementor

Both Thrive Architect and Elementor offer numerous features that can help you customize your website and pages with ease. Below are some of their notable differences.

  • Thrive Architect provides you with a unique email marketing feature which is a handy way to keep in contact with your prospective customers, Elementor does not offer this feature.
  • Elementor’s pre-design landing page templates double as a page content template which makes your page building process more straightforward, Thrive Architect does not have this feature.
  • Thrive Architect provides you with an API integration that has over 20 email marketing providers. It lets you connect with webinars and email delivery services to your plugin using its API key.
  • You will have to install an individual plugin if you want to connect with other email marketing providers with Elementor.

Here is a table showing the summarized view of Thrive Architect vs Elementor.

Thrive Architect vs Elementor

Which one is the best?- Thrive Architect vs Elementor

Both editors are excellent choices if you plan on building a stunning website for your business. However, Thrive Architect excels in specific ways, and Elementor outshines it in others. To determine which page builder is the best will depend on who you are, Thrive Architect caters to aspiring online marketers. At the same time, Elementor is more flexible and offers you pages for general purposes. Depending on what your goal is for your website will determine the clear winner of the battle of the most popular page builders in the market, Elementor vs. Thrive Architect.

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