Everything You Need To Know About Virtual Phone Numbers And How To Get One In Poland

The virtual number is the keystone to the entire VoIP system. And due to its use within that system, it’s a popular tech all around the world.

If you’re thinking about getting one in Poland, this article will cover everything about the virtual number itself and obtaining your very own.

Virtual number 101

The concept of virtual numbers is pretty easy to understand. It’s in many ways like a regular number but is created and maintained through the internet.

Unlike its older counterpart which is associated with just one device, this one can be connected to as many devices as you’d like!

5 Easy steps to getting a virtual number of Poland

There are countless places from which you could obtain a Poland virtual number whether for personal use or for an enterprise. But that doesn’t mean you should just go for the cheapest option.

Go for a telecommunications provider like Telnum that values the quality of service as well as your privacy. Here’s how you can get your first virtual number using their site:

  1. Go to their landing page. Here, you’ll get acquainted with what they offer. You’ll see that you have three types of VoIP numbers to choose from, namely: SMS virtual numbers, toll-free numbers, and virtual numbers. Select the one you want.
  2. Search for Poland. The first step would trigger the opening of a new page dedicated just for the type of number you clicked. Then, search for Poland. You’ll see the fees associated with your purchase.
  3. Click “Buy Now”. This will again open another page. Select from the numbers available and choose a call forwarding direction.
  4. Select subscription. You can get the number for just one month, but you’ll get discounts by paying in advance for a few months.
  5. Finalize your purchase. You’ll need to sign up to complete the purchase. But once that’s taken care of, all you have to do is pay.

That’s it! After following these five steps, you’re finally a full-fledged owner of a VoIP number from Poland.

How to make the most out of your new purchase

The easy part is buying the number. Now, we’re on to the fun part. A VoIP number is an extremely flexible tech that can be used in many ways.

But regardless of what you decide to do with it, the end game is still the same: improving efficiency levels. Here are a few ways that you can do that:

Use it in SMS marketing

SMS is a great way to reach your audience and make sure that they actually pay attention. Did you know that 98% of text messages are opened within the first five minutes?

While emails end up in the spam folder, SMS goes directly to the inbox where they can see it. 

But that’s not the best part about using SMS marketing. With the advent of instant messaging, nobody even texts using their phone numbers anymore. This means that it actually becomes special when someone sends you a text message.

SMS marketing is also pretty flexible. It could be a marketing campaign on its own such as informing your SMS list that there’s a newly-launched product on your store right now.

At the same time, it could also be integrated into digital marketing campaigns like:

  • Collect email addresses by offering a small discount or a freebie.
  • Sending a link with your text that leads them to a landing page.
  • Informing them of an ongoing promo.

The possibilities are endless! SMS marketing is also very cheap and virtually effortless so even if your messaging doesn’t work now, you can easily send another one tomorrow.

Unifying customer communications

Instead of them calling a different number depending on which department they’re trying to reach, they can call just one. This lets them associate a certain number with your business.

This also ensures that the information is uniform all throughout. For your staff, this means less time in handling customer concerns. And for your customers, this means higher satisfaction levels due to improved promptness.

Create remote staff

Having a remote staff alleviates you of various financial concerns such as high labor wage and high cost of rental space.

Because everyone is working in their own homes (or wherever they like!), the only office that you’d need to take care of is the virtual office. Think of it as a cheaper and more efficient way of handling personnel.

And thanks to the features that you can integrate within a VoIP system, you can manage your staff and their workload easily.

Virtual numbers are a flexible tech that allows you to do a lot without you having to spend anywhere near what you would have with a traditional phone system. Whether in Poland or anywhere else in the world, it would always be a useful tool to have for growth.

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