5 Ways to Bring in Revenue with Amazon

Starting as a platform selling second-hand books, Amazon is now one of the world’s biggest e-commerce companies. Its services range from selling products (you name it, they probably have it) to hosting streaming services. 

As such a vast enterprise, it makes sense as to why you may be considering making money through Amazon. The platform is extensive, meaning there’s a lot of room for almost anyone to make some cash.

Become an Amazon FBA Seller

FBA refers to Fulfillment By Amazon. Being part of Amazon Marketplace as an FBA seller means that you ship your products to the Amazon warehouse directly, and they deal with the rest. 

FBA works best if you are a business that has a lot of stock to sell. Otherwise, the charges may outweigh your profit. 

Becoming an FBA seller has the potential to earn you decent money. However, this is not something you should dive into with no background information. To become a successful seller, you must do your research, including expanding your digital marketing knowledge. 

By optimizing your product listing keywords with services such as Viral Launch, you can rank high in search results, and you are likely to make more sales. Best of all, you can cut overhead expenses with discount codes. Learn more about Viral Launch coupon code.

Become an Affiliate Website

Being an affiliate website to Amazon means recommending products on its platform to your audience. Through a website or blog, affiliate sites have articles, usually reviewing a list of Amazon items or content with links to Amazon products somewhere within it.

You can become an affiliate website for pretty much any product, and you will receive referral fees when you have directed someone to Amazon. If someone purchases a product using the affiliate links on your website/blog, then you can earn a respectable percentage of that product’s total value.

Amazon Work from Home

Some people prefer the homeworking life over having to work rigid hours in an office. Amazon’s role as a Work-From-Home Customer Service Associate allows workers to work remotely, and it usually pays around $20 an hour, which isn’t bad.

These roles are quite location-specific, however. If customer service isn’t for you, Amazon does have some WFH tech jobs, too, such as a tech trainer and Cloud tech managers.

Publish with Kindle Direct Publishing

If you’re a creative type, then the opportunity to publish an e-book through Amazon may be more up your street.

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) allows you to self-publish through their platform, and you can receive up to 70% of your earnings.

Through Amazon’s Creative Space service, you can even print a hardcopy of your book.

It’s worth noting that through this platform, you have to sell a large volume of your e-books. Also, when self-publishing, marketing can be much more complicated than when signed with an agency.

Sell Merchandise with Merch by Amazon

Consider yourself a genius with art and designs? Merch by Amazon might earn you some cash.  Through the merch program, you can sell your design for merchants to buy. This avenue is virtually endless as graphic merchandise can serve lots of purposes. The market is competitive, so you must make them good!


Amazon is an e-commerce giant, and with a dose of creativity and research, there’s no reason you couldn’t earn money with it. Even if it’s just a small amount, to start with anyway. It helps if you know what you’re doing first, and always make sure you have a plan.

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