8 Effective Techniques and Tips For Cold Calling

When you are trying to grow your business, the key is to reach more and more people in less time. This is what will help in spreading the word about your business and the solutions it can offer.

This will ensure that there are more chances of higher number of conversions. These conversions will spread the word about the efficacy of your products and services so that the growth pattern is set for scalability of the business.

Effective Techniques and Tips for Cold CallingThere are a number of ways to attract the eye of the customer for pull marketing and then there are ways to reach them and engage with them for excellent push marketing as well. A good business strategy would have a careful balance of both push and pull marketing so that you are able to draw in your ideal customers and make them stay as well. Cold calling is one of the methods that can help you reach and retain customers with careful engagement.

Yet, many businesses and their marketing teams shy away from cold calling since can be seen as a bothersome thing if not done right. Yet, there are many tips and tricks that can help you ace the cold calling sphere even as you bring in other methods of reaching your prospects and converting them into your clients and customers.

Effective Tips & Techniques For Cold Calling

So here are 8 highly effective cold calling tips that you can use for your cold calling process:

Focus on your client

When you call your customer, always remember that the focus is on them and not just on your business. When you start by asking questions about the customer, you are making sure that the customer knows he or she is the focus of the business and not just a sales figure. Start by asking about the convenience of the customer and then ask a few questions that pertain to the solutions you offer in your business by way of the products and services you have.


One excellent cold calling tip is to make sure that your prospect is relaxed and comfortable. That will not only help them speak their mind, but it will also help them listen with an open mind. When the client is able to talk you can be sure that you will find an opening to introduce your product or service as the perfect solution to any problem that you can fix.


When you list the numbers and the information for the prospects, it would also do a world of good to research their needs and what exactly their profile is like. This is especially true if you are approaching corporate clients for commercial products rather than mere FMCG or other products. Among some great cold calling tips, this is one that always leads to sure shot success. When you research, you should be knowledgeable about the client. Along with that you should be able to reassure him or her in a much better manner.

Planning beforehand

It is always a good idea to have your questions planned after your research so that you do not fumble and you do not put off the client with the wrong and irrelevant questions that would mean nothing to them. Always have a set of questions on hand with possible answers and then see what direction you would have to take accordingly during your cold calling process.

Do not script your warmth

Reach out to the prospect with warmth and authenticity instead of following a script. While it is important to have a pitch and a list of questions ready, you must be prepared to shoot these off like you would when you are speaking with a friend or with someone you have met socially for the first time. This will also reassure the customer or the prospect in more ways than one.

Calculate and then begin

Before you begin, it is important to calculate how many calls you would have to make in order to make a set number of conversions for that month or quarter. You would also do well to do a little research on the typical conversion rates for your niche. This will help you to make the calls accordingly. For example, if ten percent of conversions usually happen, then you could consider making 100 calls for ten conversions. Always remember to calculate and build a database before you begin cold calling.

Do not push

When you are making a cold call, you are already indulging in push marketing. Do not push further by sounding desperate to make a conversion or a sale. You would have to be relaxed so that you can build a relationship first. And then close a sale so that you gain a long term customer rather than a one time customer or no customer at all.


Remember to specify a call for action. And also ask for a specific timeline to follow up before you hang up the call.

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