How to Get Internet Access Anywhere?

We live in a world where we have globally connected with individuals miles apart. Life without social media happenings and live Safari updates seems hollow to say the least.

It is safe to assume that without the internet, we would still be into traditional book reading, socializing without posting on Snapchat and our children would be playing with an actual ball rather than a virtual one. Other than interacting at all times, the internet on the go serves the purpose of education, entertainment, work, business and a literal cure to boredom!

internet accessMoreover, there are times when the home internet is down and you need an emergency backup. For those times and others, this article will be a lifesaver.

Have these hacks up your sleeve to get internet access everywhere you go!

Turn on the hotspot of your phone

Most smartphones offer this service. You can turn your mobile into a router by following the below-given steps: Go to settings, cellular or mobile data and enable personal hotspot. You can change the name of the hotspot and add a secure password. Do not share this password with anyone.

With that password, you can use your mobile’s internet on other devices such as your laptop and tablet. Make sure to have a package activated because 4G and 3G streaming can be expensive otherwise!

Get a portable wireless router

Sometimes companies provide their employees with a free portable wireless router to manage work outside of the office but this device can easily be purchased as well. It is not that costly and works just as good as a regular modem. You can choose which bundle package you want, depending on how much you use the internet.

After the end of the month, you will have to pay online for the services consumed. Most people, nowadays, prefer traveling with a portable internet device. It is better in terms of usage than a portable hotspot because incoming calls and other actions cannot intervene with the signals.

Moreover, the signals are stronger. You can contact your local internet provider to get this device. Depending on the type of router, you can link a specific number of devices to it at a time. Most portable-internet devices allow three to five connections at one time.

Enable tethering services for mobile device

Using this method, you can share your mobile’s data connection with the other gadgets that you own. It might cost you money, depending on your carrier. There are three types of tethering; Wi-Fi tethering, Bluetooth tethering, and USB tethering.

Wi-Fi tethering has good speed and is probably your best option if you do not want to drain your mobile’s battery fast. USB tethering is relatively faster than Wi-Fi tethering but you have to have a USB cable for it. It will not drain your phone’s battery as Bluetooth tethering will. Sometimes tethering is disabled on the mobile but you can download third-party tethering applications. You can also reverse tether if you wish to use your gadget’s internet with your phone.

Use the free public Wi-Fi

This may be a long stretch and can be unsafe but it is a great option if you are away from home. Coffee shops, bookshops, cafes, restaurants, salons, and many other public places offer free internet if you are on their premises. Even transport vehicles tend to have them nowadays. You can politely request the password from the management. However, make sure that out of common courtesy you purchase a product or service from them.

If you live in a touristy city, you might have access to free city Wi-Fi. It is recommended that you only use public Wi-Fi in emergencies because it is relatively less secure than a private network. Malicious activity can occur and intruders can also snoop into your network while you are browsing. If you are logging in personal details, try to use an encrypted website with a VPN enabled on your device.

In case you have to use public Wi-Fi, look for the hotspot access points provided by your company because those networks are relatively less risky than other open networks. For instance, with internet plans like Spectrum provides, you get multiple access points, which are widespread throughout the country where the provider is available.

Download Wi-Fi providing applications

There are applications on the app store with the sole purpose of helping you find Wi-Fi networks. These applications use your location to tell you of nearby free and password secured Wi-Fi connections. The top three most commonly used Wi-Fi providing applications are WifiMapper, Wiman, and Avast Wi-Fi Finder.

Ask for Wi-Fi

In case, you have not paid the bill or the internet is down and you have urgent tasks to accomplish that require an online connection, do not fret. You can ask your neighbor, a friend or someone around you to lend you Wi-Fi for the time being. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

If you ever find yourself in an internet-less situation and have had no luck with the above options, do not panic! It is just a matter of time. If not checking your social media feed for an hour makes you anxious, you might be addicted to the internet, which is not healthy.

You can spend this time interacting with friends, playing an offline game or reading a book. Believe it or not, some restaurants around the world deliberately do not offer the internet so that you socialize with your friends and family while you are out. Like they say, old is gold!

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