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Case Study Assignment Help – Beginners Guide

Case studies (the study of a situation) is a method of research in a given context of individual facts, events, or examples and the derivation of obvious evidence.

Case studies have found a wide app in the social sciences, as well as in the practice of teaching legal and economic disciplines. More recently, this research method has been applied to research design and information management. Case studies help to recognize and understand an existing phenomenon in order to compare, extract strategic information, or get inspiration.

Case studies can also be used to study the effects of change management, before introducing new programs, when conducting innovative developments and benchmarking (studying best practices). However, case studies are pretty complicated to compose.

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This research method is focused on obtaining detailed and in-depth knowledge about one case (a situation, fact, or event) or a set of cases that are similar in some way. A case can be understood as individuals, organizations, communities, events, or processes. The details of the cases are revealed during the data collection and analysis process.

A case study usually goes through the following stages:

  • Selection of one or more cases based on a similar situation or a similar area.
  • Determination of the parameters of the case in the context of its social and physical environment.
  • Collecting information using triangulated methods – for example, interviews, observation, measurements (taking soft metrics), and document analysis.

By their nature, case studies are inclusive i.e. cover the entire chain of interconnected processes. This holistic relationship distinguishes case studies from other methods of researching complex problems, developing innovative ideas, and designing effective solutions. As many of these methods study scattered pieces.

The case study guarantees the completeness of the data coverage and their generalization (synthesis). It should also be noted that the method does not look for striking examples, but welcomes extraordinary and third-party cases.

Nevertheless, the researcher’s conclusions are cross-checked to increase their reliability and at the same time, it is recognized that the point of view of each person has a reason to be. Given the inadequacy of a single case to support or disprove a hypothesis, the findings still shed light on a complex problem.

Recently, case studies have been used frequently by designers, innovation managers, R&D staff, and designers. After the researcher has identified the problem, developed an initial hypothesis, and gathered information, he revises the hypothesis and theory and then presents conclusions and conclusions in the form of a story (story).

A well-formed story with rich facts will lead to compelling storytelling and memorization of examples. The conclusions of the case study are entered into the information management system at the enterprise.

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How to Write a Case Study?

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