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Why Should You Start Using Residential Proxies?

Anonymous, secure, and private web surfing is the need of the hour. Residential proxies enable companies to collect and assess data, compare products and prices online, and boost their market reach without the fear of getting detected and blocked by sites. Proxy offers benefits such as concealing your identity and facilitating e-commerce, SEO research, ad verification, web scraping, and more.

What are Residential Proxies?

A residential proxy is an IP address that is linked to a physical address such as your home. It is issued by ISPs to homeowners and can be traced easily, making them legitimate and trustworthy for websites. To anonymously access sites and avoid getting blocked, you can use a residential proxy.

How do residential proxies Work?

The residential proxy network masks your real IP address by routing your web traffic via third-party servers. It generates a false residential IP address that looks like it emanates from a real home device or location. Thus, the website with the content will believe your access request comes from that residential address location and, therefore, will trust it with a good score.

12 Reasons Why You Should Use Residential Proxies

Web safety has become essential today because insane regulations and hackers are victimizing internet users. Therefore, it’s necessary to have good web security, and you can ensure it by investing in the safe options of residential proxies. Read on to learn about the multiple benefits these proxies offer to internet users.

#1 Protection and Anonymity

The proxy offers full anonymity on the web and safeguards you from multiple factors, including unfair state persecution. Invest in a residential proxy that will make websites and content providers think you are using a legitimate IP address provided by an actual ISP. In this way, you can avoid constant monitoring and enjoy anonymity on the internet.

You may wish to conceal your IP address for different reasons such as streaming blocked content, downloading or uploading torrents through P2P connections, operating multiple accounts using the same computer, scraping info from several sites, etc.

For these purposes and more, you can invest in a residential proxy to hide your actual online identity. The service assigns authentic residential IPs that conceal your address from web servers to preserve your online anonymity.
However, search engines allow you to use a single IP only for a specific amount of requests. You can get banned if you go beyond their specified rate.

#2 Fewer Risks of Getting Blocked

Content blocking based on geographical region is becoming increasingly restrictive and even ridiculous. A private proxy allows you to use IPs worldwide and thus access quality content on almost any nation’s websites. Thus, a proxy will enable you to understand what you have missed accessing all this time by providing you unrestricted access to websites and content.

#3 International Perspective

With a proxy, you can look at the world from a wider, global perspective. You can log in using regional IPs from across the globe to gain an international perspective. This facility is of great use to global businesses that can benefit from collaborating more effectively with their international clients.

#4 Scrape Web Pages and Derive Data

You can use scraping solutions to gather and harvest information while ensuring your location and identity are cloaked by deploying a proxy.

Proxies facilitate easy web scraping. A web server blocks a machine that makes multiple concurrent requests. Proxies offer an answer that overcomes these bans by linking each proxy to each info request. In this way, they mask your identity and help you extract data anonymously.

Thus, proxies act as intermediaries to enable web scraping, and companies in all verticals are discovering new methods to utilize the power of publicly available data.

#5 Ad Verification

A proxy enables you to promote your company by verifying your affiliate links and digital campaigns. You can detect and avoid malware on advert placements while getting authentic and relevant information. 

It’s a difficult job to run an advert network as you need to continually verify advert placements and require intricate tools to test them. Companies with a global mobile reach need to test advert localization in several nations.

In addition, ad verification firms need to avoid IP blocks that can happen on servers that do not properly display ads or run ad fraud. A real residential proxy allows you to access any site or platform, localize your machine’s IP for any nation, and test, verify, and optimize whole ad networks.

Quality proxy providers offer reliable IP addresses that enable you to achieve a high connection success rate. You can add millions of proxies to your roster to easily scale your ad verification capabilities.

Select a proxy network that allows you to target hundreds of nations and locations across the world. It should be compatible with modern software tools and allow you to easily create and handle proxy profiles for each project to facilitate effortless tracking.

#6 Protects Privacy and Security

A residential proxy can provide you with full privacy online as well as safeguard your data from the prying eyes and tools of unethical hackers and criminals. Even personal users need to protect their information on the internet as their data is valuable. Therefore, to ensure your family’s and your safety on the web, it’s smart to invest in a residential proxy. 

A residential proxy is more secure than using a shared proxy because the latter networks are more vulnerable to misuse and can link you to malicious websites, spammers, and hackers.

#7 Improves Surfing Speed

The proxy server frees up web bandwidth on cluttered networks by removing adverts from websites, caching relevant web pages and files accessed by several devices, and compressing internet traffic. In this way, it facilitates fast browsing by enhancing your surfing speed. A quality residential proxy offers a smooth browsing experience by eliminating connection blocks, errors, timeouts, and lags compared to cheaper services.

#8 You can Save Money

Most sites place cookies on your computer to track your browsing information, which is utilized for ad promotion and personalizing prices. Proxies can ensure anonymity while surfing, which allows you to save money by getting better prices on hotels, travel, services, products, etc.

#9 Brand Protection

Residential proxies can be used by businesses to protect their brands and combat counterfeiters. Drug manufacturers, for instance, will look to fight marketers for fake alternatives. 

Typically, these sellers limit access to their site from nations where the actual manufacturer has offices. This means it becomes more difficult to pinpoint and take legal action against these counterfeiters. Businesses can use residential proxies to obtain an IP address from the nation that hosts the counterfeit site and collect all the needed data to pursue legal proceedings against the fraudulent seller.

#10 Access Local Travel Offers

Travel booking websites typically show geo-targeted offers that are personalized for consumers in specific areas. To access these deals, you will need to visit the website using an IP address from within that particular region. This can be easily accomplished by using a residential proxy, which enables you to access a proxy server anywhere on the globe, and then visit the travel platform. 

#11 New Shoe Deals

Similar to travel sites, top shoe companies also provide sneaker releases and exclusive deals to buyers in specific markets like London, New York, L.A., Paris, and other major cities and regions across the world. You can use a residential proxy to view these offers from the relevant area IP address.

#12 Switch between Numerous Instagram Accounts

Instagram only allows users to switch between up to five accounts on one device. This restriction is a pain for marketers who may use hundreds of Instagram accounts. They can use a residential proxy to switch between numerous accounts as needed.

Conclusion – Residential Proxies

You might now understand the importance of residential proxies and how they can help you. So, start using residential proxies now.

To select a good proxy provider, you need to compare the pool size, traffic, and customer support quality of different services. If you choose the wrong service, your accounts could get limited or banned by the target websites. Therefore, do proper research, consider all relevant factors, and take your time to make an informed decision.

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