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5 Reasons to Choose Python for Big Data Projects

If you are a web developer or a professional looking to develop desktop GUI applications, you are well aware that you need a programming language for that. There is plenty of those in the market. If you are handling big data especially, it can be challenging to get the best programming language for the job.

python for big dataThat, however, does not change the fact that you need to be extra selective and keen when making the pick. It is what will determine whether or not your project will be functional and maintainable.

Why Select Python for Big Data Projects- Top 5 Reasons

It is worth noting that most developers and programmers opt for Python for big data projects. Even if you’ll look into the world’s leading and popular programming languages, Python comes at the top. Here is one study showing how python is popular in the data science and engineering communities.

top programming languages It is primarily for the following reasons.

1. Scalability and flexibility

When you are dealing with big data, scalability is critical. One of the things that makes Python

he best choice is how fast it can work. As your data grows, you can always count on it to help you maintain it. It is also very flexible. Python will help you backup MySQL database and even download it remotely.

2. Ease of learning

No one wants to use a programming language that will put them at their wit’s ends. Remember that you already have big data to deal with, which is also overwhelming. Anything to make this easy should be welcome. It is for this reason that you need Python. You do not have to be a programmer or an IT expert for you to be able to use Python.

What about the language makes it easy to learn?

easiest programming languages to learnFor one, you will be equipped with all the learning materials you need to understand the language. The other reasons are that the codes are absolutely readable and you are not alone. Python has a big community that you can connect it and also learn from it. What that means is that there is no problem that you can run into with Python that does not already have a solution!

3. A wide range of packages

Python is well endowed with packages that you can use to take care of different data needs. One of them is NumPy which comes in handy when it comes to matters about linear algebra and Fourier transforms. What that just means is that you can use this package to handle generic data and incorporate it with many other databases. There is also the PyBrain which is perfect for machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. Whatever your data needs, Python always has a solution for you.

4. Compatibility

The fact that Python is compatible with a large pool of tools should motivate you to use it for writing software. The language is compatible with most of the existing operating systems. How is this possible? Well, note that Python is an interpreted programming language. This is what makes it so compatible with several platforms: it is possible for you to run the same code of the different platforms without having to do a recompilation.

This is an attribute that also makes it fast. You do not need more time for development since changing the codes is an easy task.

5. Data visualization

Software for data visualization is best developed using this language. Python is the lifeblood of the best data visualization software in the market. Being a common programming language, businesses find it also easy to find people in the organization’s different departments that know their way around it. Thus, the management finds it easy to establish communication across all the departments in the organization.

python visualization toolAs a developer or a client seeking help with software for your business, you need to consider the functionality of the programming language used to write the software. As time goes by, business data grows, and you need a solution that can be able to handle the data. Python is the perfect guy for the job. This is owed to its scalability and flexibility. More so, the language is compatible with other large platforms which makes work even more comfortable for you.

It is also straightforward to learn and will not take you ages before you wrap your mind around it. Do not also forget that it has packages that will meet all your business needs.

If you’re looking for dedicated big data visualization tool, then you may check this article.

Wrapping it up!

These were the top 5 reasons why python should be used for big data projects. Although you can use other IT languages like Java, Scala, etc. also but Python has some added advantages over the first two. Especially when you’re looking for machine learning applications as well, Python can be a great use.

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