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7 Best Tableau Courses, Tutorial, Online Course, Certification Course for 2020

Tableau is one of the leading visualization tools in the industry. And so, if you also want to grab this tool, you should get started as quickly as possible. Although there are many Tableau books available which you may look to get started. But if you’re someone who loves to read interactively, this best tableau courses post is for you.

Best Tableau Courses/TrainingsHere in this post, we’re going to talk about some top Tableau courses available around the web. These best Tableau tutorial or Tableau certification courses will help you get started with this amazing visualization and analytics tool quickly. After going through these best tableau courses, you will also be prepared for the tableau certifications.

10 best Tableau Courses, Tutorials, Certification Courses

Let’s start and talk about some of the best tableau courses available online for you to read.

#1 Tableau for Beginners

tableau courseThis is a course available on Udemy and is dedicated to those who are looking to get started with Tableau. The instructor here has put his best to cover from very basic and then has gone to the advanced level. So, even if you don’t know anything about the data and visualization, this course is quite good to get started. The best thing is, the course is full of hands-on exercises, tips for performance management, projects, quiz, etc. Usually, sales going on Udemy and so there are high chances for you to get this course just in $10.


  • Perfect for the complete beginner who wants to get started with Tableau and master it
  • Every section is followed by hands-on, projects, and quizzes
  • Further study resources have been given
  • Help you the art of storytelling and dashboard management on Tableau server

Duration: 3.5 hours
Rating: 4.7 out of 5
Level: Beginner

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#2 Data Visualization with Tableau Specialization

tableau courseThis course for data visualization with Tableau is available on Coursera in association with the University of California. The course has been again designed for a person who doesn’t have any knowledge of visualization. By following this course, you’ll be able to generate powerful dashboards, help people make a decision based on the report you have generated and more. Coursera provides 7 days of free trial which you can use to get started.


  • Official program in association with Tableau and University of California
  • Weekly divided section
  • Instructors are well experienced and come from UC Davis
  • Other features of Coursera added

Duration: 4 months (5 hours/week)
Rating: 4.4 out of 5
Level: Beginner

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#3 Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau

tableau courseThis is another great Tableau course we found on Coursera which is being offered by Duke University. This course is a part of analytics techniques for business specialization. Here you’ll basically learn how to become master communication business relevant implications of data analysis. Also, you’ll understand how to tell a story based on the data and how to take business decision based on the data.


  • Offered by Duke University on Coursera platform
  • Developed by Daniel and Jana who are highly skilled in the arena
  • Completely online

Duration: 5 weeks (6-8 hours a week)
Rating: 4.7 (out of 5)
Level: Beginner

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#4 Tableau 10 Essential Training

tableau courseThis course is available on LinkedIn Learning which used to be earlier on Lynda was later acquired by Lynda and now available on LinkedIn learning. The course has been developed by Curt Frye who is an independent writer and course developer. This course is more of a Tableau desktop based where he helps you create the charts and dashboards. LinkedIn Learning provides you 30 days of free trial and with this way, you can get the course free.

Duration: 4 hours 41 Minutes
Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)
Level: Beginner + Intermediate

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#5 Tableau 10 A-Z

tableau courseThis is another course on Tableau available on Udemy. Again, due to offers going on, there are high chances that you can get the course just in $10. The only problem with this Tableau course is, only Tableau desktop has been covered here and publishing and server options have not been covered. You’ll learn about data preparation, different charts, data manipulation, and dashboard creation.


  • Available in just $10
  • Have started from scratch and goes to advanced level
  • Help you learn the data preparation as well

Duration: 7.5 hours
Rating: 4.6 (out of 5)
Level: Beginner

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#6 Data Analysis Fundamentals with Tableau

tableau courseThis course is being offered by Pluralsight and has been developed by Ben Sullins. This basic course on data analysis by Tableau basically helps you learn how to truly derive insights from your data using Tableau and take a decision.
This course is more towards data analytics rather than reporting. You’ll be able to extract the insights from the data and visualize an entire picture.

Duration: 4h 47m
Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)
Level: Beginner

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#7 Free Training Videos by Tableau

tableau courseThis is a free course by Tableau. Although it’s free but covers all the aspect of Tableau. The best thing is the official Tableau course. The course is completely free to be used and is updated as per the latest version of Tableau. The free tableau training covers both Tableau development and Tableau admin aspects.

Duration: 12h 9m (This covers admin part as well)

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Conclusion- Which is best Tableau course?

That’s all!

We discussed about some of the best tableau courses, training, and certifications courses available around the web. If you have attended any other course which you found great, please share with us and will include in the post.

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