5 Epic Ways to Light Up this Lockdown Period with Phone-Internet-TV Combos

It is nearly impossible to ignore the constant headlines regarding the growing cases of COVID-19. The empty shelves of grocery stores, deserted restaurants, and dark streets have left many people depressed and miserable.

Since the general advice is to stay indoors and avoid social gatherings, families are reunited in the warmth of their homes. This mandated time at home sounds amusing for kids but not for adults who are accustomed to busy schedules and office routines.

So, how can you maximize your productivity and gear up your life in this time of isolation?

By furnishing your home with the perfect tech-triangle of a reliable home phone, a fast-flowing internet, and a high-resolution cable TV. If you hurry, you can get all three at an incredibly affordable price from the Spectrum Gold package, and save immensely! Because that’s what we all really want.

You might ask what technology has got to do with this pandemic, and how can it help eradicate the sadness from the atmosphere. The answers to your queries lie below!

Send Virtual Greetings

This year is all about sharing and spreading love, peace, and hope through digital means. It is precisely on this occasion, which rounds up the whole year, that you desire most to connect with your loved ones and friends worldwide. While sending warm wishes through customized postcards and meeting your close associates in person seems like a wonderful idea, as the lockdown factor brings you down. 

Don’t you worry! Technology’s got your back. You can easily email wishing cards, send voice notes over the phone and share personalized videos that can be enjoyed on TV, to your loved ones, and cheer them up without a fail!

Follow up on the Season’s Fashion

Nothing appalls more than a dull and dispirited outfit. Your dressing should always be up to the mark, regardless of the situation or occasion.

How can you stay on top of the latest trends on such short notice? 

No need to fret! You can easily:

  • Browse online through multiple forums via a high-speed internet connection, and you’re sure to find an outfit that lights up your mood.
  • Make a clear call from your home phone and borrow that colorful jumper from a close friend.
  • Switch on your cable TV and acquire the necessary inspiration for DIY-ing your dress.

Prepare a Splendid Feast

Healthy food is vital to building a strong immune system against a respiratory tract infection. Now, there are multiple ways you can create an unforgettable dinner that is high in protein and rich in carbohydrates:

  • You can search online for new and unique recipes, and surprise your family members.
  • You can call your grandmother from your home phone to ask that special family recipe, which she used to feed you to make you stronger and healthier.
  • You can even follow a chef on your cable TV as he/she makes a mouth-watering delight for the occasion, and cook to perfection.

With this tech-triangle by your side, you don’t need to sweat!

Catch Exciting Shows

After a delicious round of soul-fulfilling food, you can gather in the living room and make the isolation time special with a marathon of famous movies, like Elf and Scrooge, on your uber-cool cable TV. You can also catch online shows by streaming them via a consistent and super-fast internet connection, as provided by Spectrum. This tech-combo will double-up the fun and make your stay-at-home time worthwhile.

Say Hello to Distant Loved Ones

Nowadays, everyone can relate to the sadness you feel when your loved ones, living far off, can’t come to join you on family gatherings and dinners. This low-key melancholy threatens to overshadow the happiness you are desperately trying to find in these times. 

Don’t worry, there’s a way around it.  

Home phones, with their reliable and crystal-clear connection, can bring distant relatives closer to YOU! Spectrum offers an unlimited nationwide calling feature where you can talk to your family and friends for long hours as if they’re standing right next to you. Live chatting over a super-fast and steady internet connection is another way to truly feel the presence of those who’re unable to join in get-togethers. 

This way they’ll never miss out on the jubilation and you’ll never get to feel the blues. 

So, technology, in the form of the internet, home phone, and Digital TV, has a mysterious way of spreading love and happiness. Moreover, when it’s purchased in a bundle package from LocalCableDeals, the joy simply reaches the heavens.

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