Tips to Prepare For Scholarship Examination

The end of high school marks the beginning of a new era; one that is predominated by opportunities and experiences galore. It is thus, no time to throw caution to the wind and play “trial and error” with your life. Being a student can be a wonderful experience, and especially when you are stepping into college.

Tips to Prepare For Scholarship ExaminationsYou get first-hand experiences of what life is, how ugly it can be and how beautiful you can make it amidst all the chaos and stress. Therefore, you need to at least make an attempt to mark a near perfect beginning to the rest of your scholarly life, so that you can deal with whatever your academic career throws at you.

While talking about a decent beginning to college life, the first thing that comes to mind is the topic of scholarships. There is no dearth of scholarships that leave the gates to all the Ivy League Colleges wide open. You just have to find the right one for you, meticulously research their way of functioning, put in the efforts required to crack the examinations, and then move ahead with plans of a bright future.

5 Scholarship Examination Preparation Tips

While it is not possible for anyone to do the hard work for you, there sure are ways to learn smarter ways of preparation, which is exactly what this article here hopes to do.

#1 Know About Your Exam:

You need to know about the exam that you are appearing for even before you study its syllabus. The only way to crack a major scholarship examination is if you have knowledge about its pattern, the process it is conducted, the months it is conducted in and the way the answers are marked. This is the first step to making it through the exam. Every other factor comes next.

You need to learn about the scholarship conducting body and the amount it offers for your education, some information of which can be found on the Education Reference Desk. There are scholarships that pick up the entire tab on your education, from stationery to stay. However, there are also a number of scholarships that do not offer complete coverage of costs.

They might only partly sponsor your education, for instance, the tuition fees. Therefore, you need to do your research before deciding to take up an examination. There is no point going ahead with an exam and succumbing to all the stress that comes along with it if you cannot make use of it at the end of the day.

#2 Study the Syllabus:

Once you are done with your research on the scholarship exam that you shall be appearing for, you need to get that syllabus in your hands. Scan through every detail, every lesson and every unit and get the hang of what exactly you shall be facing during your exam.

Being well oriented with every detail of the syllabus will leave little room for apprehension and you will know where to begin the preparation with. Therefore, without any further delay, get that syllabus copy soon and start with your preparations.

#3 Do Not Skip Through Any Lesson:

You would be committing a major mistake if you decide to skip through any lesson mentioned in the syllabus. Make it a point to cover every unit, every chapter, and every page. Scholarship examinations are not a piece of cake and you cannot expect the question paper to be a child’s play. There is a reason why only a minuscule percentage of pupils get through these exams.

Only the best of all are awarded the scholarships and the conducting body makes sure that the grading criteria is framed as such. Therefore, if you need to score high enough to be able to crack the exam, put in your effort during preparation.

#4 Concentrate on Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Questions:

Every scholarship examination might not test you on your verbal and quantitative analysis skills, but these are exceptionally important to ace life in a premium college. Therefore, do not give up on any opportunity that allows you to develop or hone these skills.

You might have to go that extra inch to perfect your score on verbal reasoning and quantitative questions if your exam has a section on them. There are several books available in the market. Browse through them and pick a book or two to practice those sets of questions.

#5 Practice Question Papers:

Question papers from the previous years and model question papers can be found aplenty on the internet or on eCommerce websites. Get those as soon as possible and start practicing the questions as a part of your preparation. Set a timer and stay away from every kind of distraction while answering the questions. This will give you a real feel of the exam and prepare you to face the real battle with strength and vigor.


Scholarships can be challenging to get your hands on; especially if those are the ones paving your way to the greatest colleges and universities across the world. Therefore, you need to start with the preparation at the earliest. There can be no alternate ways to hard work and determination. Get these together and crack that exam the next time you go for it. For such tips, please check our technology section.

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