SendPulse Review- All In One Digital Marketing Tool

SendPulse is an all-in-one digital marketing tool helping you to promote your business. In this SendPulse Review, I will discuss how to use SendPulse to promote your business.

The company offers wide ranges of marketing products like-

• Email Marketing services
• Web push notifications
• SMS marketing etc.

To keep your business growing and reaching the marketing target. SendPulse is usually known for their quality service at a very affordable price.

SendPulse ReviewThey have emerged as one of the best alternatives to the popular email marketing tool MailChimp. If you’re a beginner, you can simply start with SendPulse for free and later can subscribe to any plan as and when you grow.

Also, their web push notification product is completely free to use. So if you are looking for a company who can take care of all your marketing need, then SendPulse can be your destination.

Now let’s see the features of different SendPulse products in this SendPulse Review.

SendPulse Review: Products

Here are the major products offered by SendPulse

Web Push Notifications

Recently, web push has emerged as one of the top marketing destinations. You would be able to reach to your subscribers with the new contents for free and quickly.

SendPulse Web PushThere is nothing like you needs to send them an email and then your subscribers will be able to receive the updates.

Here are some of the features of web push notification services provided by SendPulse-

• Encourage more subscriptions
• Increases the visibility
• Personalization and segmentation
• Trigger bulk messages as well
• Completely free to use

SMS Marketing

Although it is one of the traditional marketing concepts still works great. You can send SMS to your subscribers/potential customer anywhere in the Geo.

Here are the features of SendPulse SMS marketing-

• Quick delivery with global reach
• More personalization
• Auto-responders features to make it more personalized

SMTP Service

This can be used to send the emails from any marketing or CRM related tools those use the service of SendPulse.

You can find the documentation to integrate the SendPulse SMTP service with your CRM/CMS etc. and can start with it.

Here are the features of SendPulse SMTP service-

• Immaculate the IP Addresses
• SPF and DKIM records
• Secure and trustworthy
• Detailed analytical reports

Email Marketing

Needless to say, as email marketing is one of the best digital marketing services available currently.

SendPulse Email MarketingSendPulse provides one of the most flexible and customizable email marketing services for their clients. The auto-responders drag and drop features and schedules are something they are best in.

Let’s see some of the SendPulse email marketing features to use.

Drag & Drop Builder: You can just create a template or edit the existing template without any coding skill. Just use the drag and drop builder and get your marketing ready models to be used.

Also, if you know HTML and CSS, you can create a personalized template from scratch as well.

Multiple Templates: SendPulse provides wide ranges of template to use in a different niche. So depending on the niche you are working on, review the template and use the one which best suits you. You can also further edit it as per your requirements.

Auto-Responder: This is the feature that a marketing guy needs the most. You can send the emails to all those who have subscribed you.

It helps you to setup the automatic emails to send to your subscribers whenever someone will subscribe you or contact you.

Usually, you will find the subscription form on every website asking to fill the details and get some goodies. Once you do that, you receive some links to download the digital goodies. Auto-responders are performing These kinds of operations.

A/B Testing: This feature is very helpful when you want to test the behavior of your subscribers and campaigns. Like you can send an email with 2-3 variation and can check which works best for you.

SendPulse Pricing Structure

SendPulse provides a free plan in all their products. Like you can send 10 SMS free and use web push feature free forever.

Also, if you have a list of 2500 subscribers and want to send up to 15000 emails per month, you can use SendPulse service for free.

If you have grown beyond that, you can simply subscribe to any of the paid plans as available below.

SendPulse PricingSendPulse Pros

Here are some of the features I liked most about SendPulse and that are-

• All-in-one digital marketing tools including email, SMS and web push
• You can add up to 2500 subscribers and send 15k emails for free
• You can do A/B test for checking the conversion rate and improve it with time
• You can create custom subscription form for collecting subscribers
• Web Push is a new age tool; you can try this tool for free
• They have knowledge tutorial: very helpful for newbies
• Starting package is $9.85


SendPulse is one of the fastest growing digital marketing company providing wide ranges of products to use.

If you are a beginner, you can simply start with the tool for free and later can move to the paid plans to get all the features.

Signup for the SendPulse tools and give a boost to your marketing campaigns.

SendPulse Review
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SendPulse is one of the fastest growing marketing tools. You can use different marketing tools like Email Marketing, SMYP emails, SMS and Web Push for free as well.

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