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Leads and data are the backbones of any industry. And that is the reason, companies are spending millions on managing and analyzing the data. But getting the useful data is not as easy as it looks to be. You need to gather a lot of data and from it, you can find the meaningful information. You can check our Data Science career path for more details on how technically this is getting done.

But what if I tell you there is some information about leads and it’s details you can get directly? reviewYes, this is possible! For example, let’s see you are in sourcing industry and so you will be needing the emails of the possible customers. But for this, you won’t want to get the raw data and find the email id from it. All you will be looking for is, just get the email ids and names and get started with your campaigns.

And here the tools like helps. The tool helps you to automate your lead generation and marketing campaigns. Also, apart from finding the emails, there are a lot of things you can do with which we will discuss in this review.

Features of

As said, you can do a lot other than just finding emails from different platforms. Here are few best features of the which will be beneficial for you.

Domain Search

If you are looking for jobs or getting service from a specific company, then this feature will help you a lot. Just open the website and you can get emails along with the name and job positions from various domains. You can either use the extension of or use the dashboard to find the emails associated with the domain. email searchLinkedIn Email Search

Like the domain search, again you can search the Linkediners email id by visiting their profile or from the dashboard. ReviewCompany Profiles

If you are looking to explore a particular company, provides an excellent platform. You can get the email id of the right people from the company and get your work done. Just visit dashboard and search for the company. ReviewSend emails for free

So far, you have gathered the emails from the different platforms and now it turns to use those emails. For this again you can use the platform. You can easily use those emails and send as a campaign. is used by the industry leaders like Uber, Lenovo, SoundCloud and many others and so you can think how trusted this email hunter is.

Snovio made a great update and released a chrome extension in June 2018 which serves as an email verifier which verifies emails immediately in bulk, whilst you browse websites. Pricing and Plans offers excellent plans and pricing for the customer and it is available for monthly and annually. Annual plans are cheaper compared to the monthly plans. Depending on your need and size of your company, you can select any of the below plans. ReviewNow once you have bought the credits, you can spend on the features I shared above. The credits are linked as described below-

  • Search emails on domain- 1 Credit
  • Get emails from LinkedIn- 1 credit
  • Upload and verify emails- 0.5 credit
  • Send emails- free

You can check the below video to understand more about the Review
  • Features and Pricing

Summary is a leading email hunter, verifier, and marketing tool for individual and marketers. You can get the emails from multiple sources and use those emails to send your marketing campaigns and get the instant result.

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