Sothink Logo Maker Pro Review

Getting a business logo is not a big deal, but many people are unable to do so. This is mainly because of the cost associated and design glitches. This Sothink logo maker pro review will help you to get out of these. By the end of this Sothink logo maker pro review, you will have a clear understanding to get a business logo easily.

Sothink Logo Maker Pro ReviewFor an early starter or startups, it becomes hard to spend much on getting the logo and other designs. So it is always advisable to get the things done as cheap as you can do without compromising on the quality. And here Sothink will help you with their Sothink logo maker pro product.

Let’s start with Sothink logo maker pro review and see how it is going to help you with a business logo easily.

Sothink logo maker pro review

Sothink is a part of SourceTec Software Co., LTD and is well known for the customer-centric products. Here are some of the useful products by Sothink which you can use.

  • SWF Decompiler
  • Flash to HTML5
  • Logo Maker
  • Mac Decompiler

All these products are very helpful to all whose business mainly depends on the internet. Also, you will find all the Sothink products very economical and easy to use.

Sothink Logo Maker Pro ReviewHere in this Sothink logo maker pro review, I’ll be mainly concentrating on the logo maker and will let you know how to use this product for maximum benefit.

How to use Sothink Logo Maker

To get started with the Sothink logo maker. First, you have to download the software. You can download this by going through this link- Download Sothink logo maker.

Once download the file, you need to install it like you do for any other software. Now you can buy the pro version of the product just by paying $59.99 for a lifetime. There is nothing like subscription, and you have just to pay once.

Sothink Logo Maker Pro PricingAlso, Sothink keeps on updating the tool with the new templates, designs, and icons which will be available free to all who buy.

You can make the payment through any means like PayPal, cards, Wire Transfer, etc. easily.

Here are some of the logos built on Sothink platform-

Sothink Logo Maker Pro ReviewOnce you open the platform, you can type the name of your company and choose the niche you’re working on.

Then you may select some designs to put on and icons you may want to use in the logo.

Sothink Logo Maker Pro ReviewHere you can add/remove/edit the design and customize it as per your need. Once done, you can save and start using it as per your requirements.

Features of Sothink logo maker pro

Here are some of the features of Sothink logo maker pro tool which makes it one of the top logo designing tool.

Master Color Schemes: They have over 2000 preset color and users can select their primary color as per their brand color.

Wide Variety of Logo Effects: Utilize beautiful effect styles from shadow, bevel, to gradient, with the one-click application. Easily make text logos by converting text into shapes.

Drawing Tools: They provide good number of drawing tools including pen, pencil, brush and more in a WYSIWYG interface

User-Friendly Interface and Experience: The UI is completely responsive and is very easy to use. Even a person having no design knowledge can also create a good logo.

Pros and Cons of the logo maker pro

Here are the pros I found while working with logo maker pro-

  • Get Logos at Lower Costs
  • One time Investment
  • Build your identity
  • Save Time
  • Put Your Logo on Business Card, T-shirt, anywhere
  • Create The Logo for Your App, Mobile Games
  • Get Your Logo in 1 Minute Now


There is a chance that your icon may get used by someone else using the same tool.

Sothink Logo Maker Pro ReviewConclusion

We hope you liked this Sothink logo maker pro review. Getting a professional business logo is not a big deal, but you need the right platform.

Just by paying $59.99 you can design and use as many logos as you want. Also, you can use your design to get your printing card, T-Shirts, etc. printed.

Do try the tool and share your feedback with us.

Sothink Logo Maker Pro
  • Sothink Logo Maker Pro


Sothink Logo Maker Pro is one of the best online logo maker software. Just download the installation file, install it and start designing awesome logos.

Also, the premium version just cost you $59.99 and is a one-time fee.

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