How to Attract More Customers with the Right Domain

One of the most valuable ways to get new customers is through your website. This will be your possibility to present your work to potential customers, so they can easily find the services you offer.

One of the first steps to show credibility and clear information about your products is through your domain name. Your visitors will be exposed to your domain name multiple times, whenever they are visiting your site, post a link on social media or send an email to them. Therefore, your company will look more professional with a domain name that in a short and precise way presents your company.

Find the right name

Finding the right domain name can be a difficult task. When you spend all your working life around your business, you for sure deliver multiple things and it can be difficult to cut your services, values, benefits to customers, and uniqueness in the market down to one short name.

You can find a huge selection of premium domain names at It is a company made to help business makers like you. Domainify will help you find the perfect name for your business through a free consultation with a branding consultant that will help you get through the selection of available domain names. With all domain names the designers of Domainify have also made two logos, you can use for free together with the domain name.

Make use of SEO

A good website is a bit of a waste if you don’t have any visitors. The users need guidance into your website to be able to see your content and services. Therefore, search engine optimization is one of the most important tools for businesses today. If you are a plumber from New Delhi, you want to make sure that you are showing up at the search engines, when people are searching for a plumber in New Delhi.

The domain name is a very easy way to optimize your SEO work. You can use your name to add some of your keywords for search engines. Why not call your website, if you want to get search results from people looking for the service you offer?

You can also include your service in the suffix. Let’s say you want to offer entertainment-based content to UK users; you can use a domain name like to specify your targeted audience.

Other tips

But these are not the only things to consider. Experts point out that, it’s important to have a domain name, that people can remember and that’s easy to spell. Let’s say you tell someone, they should visit your website, it’s a bit of a downer if you must spell out your domain name. Then it would be much easier, if you can say something, they will instantly know and remember how to spell.

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