How to promote your website to attract customers

Website promotion on your own without the involvement of a specialist is a completely feasible task. Moreover, it can be done with minimal material costs. If your budget is limited, use free tools, analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and the work done, make changes to the strategy.

The only caveat is that if you do it alone, it will take a lot of time to promote. It is better to work in a team whose members will perform their tasks. However, they will also have to pay. In this case, isn’t it better to spend money on the services of specialists who will do everything accurately, efficiently, and quickly? How to act is up to you! We will try to provide as much useful information as possible on how to promote the site yourself.

Why do I need to promote a website on the Internet?

It is not enough to organize your own business and create a website for it on the Internet. Such a web resource will not attract potential customers and therefore bring profit. Therefore, it is necessary to promote it in the Internet space.

Promotion in the network will help to tell a wide audience about the company and will allow you to find new customers. With proper work, the web resource will enter the TOP search results, which will increase coverage and traffic. Thanks to this, the company will become competitive and will be able to win the trust of customers.

There is no need to wait for an instant effect from the promotion of the site. This is a complex work, including organizational, technical, and analytical measures, the first results of which can be evaluated only after two or three months. There are cases when it is possible to achieve rapid success, but this is rather an exception to the rule. Website promotion is a long process. It requires deep analysis, constant communication with the target audience, and daily monitoring of competitors.

How to promote a website yourself

Independent website promotion in search engines (SEO)

Advantages of this method of self-promotion:

  • one of the cheapest sources of attracting customers;
  • website optimization has a positive effect on its conversion rate and other traffic sources;
  • even if you stop working, the result of the promotion will remain for a long time.

Disadvantages of this method of self-promotion:

  • it is often necessary to wait for the first significant results for a long time (it is almost impossible to speed up the process without harming the project);
  • although this is one of the cheapest sources of attracting customers, it still sometimes requires large monetary investments;
  • dependence on search engines (changes in algorithms can lead to a sharp decrease in visitors);
  • it is difficult to carry out the work independently — you will have to look for contractors, as well as full control the work: that is, you will have to pay money and get involved in the workflow;
  • it is often time-consuming – a large amount of work is required.

Promotion in the Google search engine independently

There is a way to promote the site yourself if you follow simple steps. So, you have a small website, without extra pages. Now pay attention: you can already start advancing on your own.

  1. Think about which key request is the most important for your business. Open Google and open the leading sites in different windows (just don’t click on ads). Important: you are looking at the sites that the search engine has found it necessary to put in the first place. This means that the structure of such sites is the most acceptable.
  2. Rewrite the structure of each site in one file. This can be excel (convenient) or, for example, XMind. You will get a large structure.
  3. Remove the duplicate elements of the structure. Please note: similar elements are not repetitive. Perhaps one of the leaders has worked out his niche better and included this element in this formulation for some reason.
  4. We implement the structure of these sites on our own. Important: writing out the structure is not stealing the text. You will write the texts yourself.

Article marketing

Placement of relevant articles, news, posts, etc. materials on thematic sites; one of the fastest, most inexpensive, and effective methods of support, especially for a young site. Generally speaking, this method is rooted in SEO, because the essence was and is not in the articles, but in putting several links in this more or less decent article.

For these purposes, a couple of large article exchanges (Miralinks, GoGetLinks) have been working since 2008, and maybe a couple of smaller ones. Company Press Pog is also quite effectively engaged in the promotion of websites. Probably, it was one of them who came up with the topic of calling all this “article marketing”. But, as we said above, the essence of services is precisely to put the necessary links in some articles, and these articles and links should hang where they were placed forever. If you do not find fault with the quality of materials and the quality of the sites where they are placed, then this case works quite well, it is certainly safer than “naked” links from Sape.

Mailing lists

Free mailing lists using the Subscribe or Maillist services. From the point of view of increasing all the same technical parameters of the site, this may work.

Bulletin boards

Already quite a hackneyed method, respectively, is not particularly effective. Naked placement of a link with a small description of the company’s activities, its services, products. It is suitable for building up the reference mass, but no more. The only plus is that you can place a link for free, and the cons are that the number of free sites is not so large, you need to be engaged in compiling their database yourself and then manually score everything yourself, or entrust it to a specialist, but for money.

Creating a video about the product on YouTube

Free of charge, you can post your video on YouTube by inserting a link to the site there. Interesting and useful or funny videos people are quite willing to watch and share on the Network.

A website is not only a representation of your company on the Web but also a tool for making money. Make it so that this tool is convenient for all your potential customers to use.

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